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Future in focus: The first service robot in the bowling arena

Service robot Bellabot in use in the Extreme Bowlingarena Mainfrankenpark

Future in focus: serving robots in the extreme bowling arena

Ready for a journey into the future of bowling? The Extreme bowling arena in the Mainfrankenpark proudly presents their newest addition to the team. This not only gets the balls rolling, but also revolutionizes the gastronomic experience. Welcome to the arena, BellaBot, the innovative service robot!

Service robot Bellabot in Extreme Bowlingarena Mainfrankenpark

The team at the bowling arena in Mainfrankenpark is not only characterized by their motto “Extreme”. She also sets standards with extraordinary creativity and innovative spirit. Compared to other companies in the industry, they like to go one step further. Offering the guest something unique is our top priority.

Exceptional breakfast bowling, pizza bowling or burger bowling – a culinary journey awaits visitors in the Mainfrankenpark. However, the variety doesn't stop with the culinary delicacies. In addition to bowling, the team also impresses with a wide range of themed events and event highlights. These ensure that every visit to the arena becomes an unforgettable experience. The team's dedication extends beyond the bowling alleys; They ensure that every visit to the bowling arena is not only entertaining but also memorable. With their unique approach, they create an atmosphere in which fun and community are the focus. The arena is a place where guests not only play bowling, but also spend time in comfort.

Integration of modern technology

The bowling arena has recognized that the integration of modern technology can take not only the bowling pleasure, but also the gastronomic service to a new level. Your latest project: The service robot BellaBot. He takes over the clearing tasks and helps with serving. This should not only shorten waiting times, but also give the service staff the opportunity to concentrate even more on the individual needs of their guests.

At a time when efficiency and customer satisfaction are the focus, the bowling arena presents a pragmatic solution with the robot. The company shows that continuous development is important for employees and guests.

Service robot Bellabot in use in the Extreme Bowlingarena Mainfrankenpark
Offer bowling experience

«The service robot offers a smooth addition to our proven service. This gives us the opportunity to offer our guests an even more pleasant and uncomplicated bowling experience,” says Annette Keller, managing director of Twenty-Lanes Bowling GmbH.

The Sebotics service robot is now a permanent member of the team. It is a relief for the employees and at the same time an achievement that definitely attracts attention and creates topics of conversation.


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