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Zotter Chocolate GmbH in Riegersburg

The two recently purchased ones offer an experience service robot, which serve visitors new creations and also pass on important information. 

The charming robots, equipped with advanced technology, act as the perfect ambassadors for Zotter's unique chocolate creations. Their job extends beyond serving; They give the chocolate experience a futuristic touch right from the start. 

The decision to integrate service robots into the Zotter world of experience is evidence of Zotter's passion for innovation zotter. This technological enrichment enables visitors to use the latest technology and supports customer service. 

Thisvice robots are ean enrichment for the visitor and offer important entertainment value. With more than 500 different chocolatescreations is zotter Chocolate based in Riegersburg one of the most innovative chocolate manufacturer in Austria.

Sebotics service robot Bellabot Max

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