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CWS-01 Workstation

CWS-01 Workstation

Workstation CWS-01: For CenoBots L50

Our progressive Workstation CWS-01, specially developed for the maintenance of the CenoBots L50, offers a holistic maintenance experience. With automated processes such as charging the robot, supplying clean water, efficiently draining wastewater and easily refilling cleaning products, this station guarantees effortless care. Experience CenoBots L50 maintenance easier and more efficient than ever before with our innovative workstation.

CWS-01 Workstation Charging Station Cenobots L50 (3) (1)

Workstation CWS-01

Model CWS-01
Key Features
Automatic charging
Automatic water refill
Automatic wastewater emptying
Automatic cleaning agent filling
dimension 460 * 260 * 860 mm
Weight 45 kg
input voltage 100~240V AC
Maximum strength Max.1000W | 1,34 hp
output voltage 24 V
Ambient temperature 0 ℃ ~ 45 ℃

4 in 1 workstation

The workstation offers a variety of automated functions that make caring for the robot child's play.
Whether it's charging, refilling with fresh water, disposing of wastewater or refilling cleaning supplies - this station takes care of it all.
Experience hassle-free maintenance at a new level with our groundbreaking workstation.

Order the workstation at the same time

If you order including the workstation, you will receive the full automation package.
Get in touch with us. We would be happy to advise you without obligation.


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