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Molecular heat purifier

Molecular heat purifier


Thermostar Edition blue

First-class standards for environmentally friendly and hygienic purity

Thermostar Edition blue

Thermostar simply explained

“Thermostar: The powerful dry steam cleaner for your household or business! Discover an efficient solution to your cleaning needs with the Thermostar dry steam cleaner.

With its impressive performance, reminiscent of industrial equipment, cleaning becomes child's play. Thanks to an extensive selection of accessories and equipment, the Thermostar offers a wide range of uses that make your cleaning processes much easier.
Whether it's stubborn stains on carpets, limescale residue on tiles or grease stains on the sofa, the Thermostar handles these tasks effortlessly.

This steam cleaner is not only used throughout the household, but is also perfect for cars, patios, staircases, bicycles, garden furniture and many other applications.
Give your home sparkling cleanliness and rely on Thermostar, the brand you can trust.”

This is how the dry steam cleaner supports you

savings potential

Cleaning agents are expensive and usually end up in the groundwater after use. They pollute our water and are very difficult to break down. That doesn't have to be the case!


Germs, bacteria and viruses no longer stand a chance. Deep cleaning with dry steam.
99,9% virus free

Easy to clean

No more tedious, time-consuming scrubbing and wiping - experience effortless cleaning.

Environmentally friendly

We rely on environmentally friendly solutions to avoid toxic wastewater and enormous amounts of plastic waste. Sustainability is our top priority.

10 years warranty

Thermostar products are characterized by their exceptional longevity. Quality you can rely on.

Grease-free cleaning

Our breakthrough cleaning technology puts an end to stubborn grease. Experience effortless cleaning and give your kitchen a sparkling shine!

Thermostar advantages

benefits and advantages

  • Dissolves dirt and limescale, breaks down fats
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Gentle on surfaces
  • Completely chemical-free
  • Suitable for hotel bathrooms

  (Showers, washbasins, mirrors, toilets, tiles)

  • quick payback
    • Hygienic cleaning against viruses

       and bacteria

    • Easy to use
    • Massive money savings on cleaning supplies
    • Resource-saving (less water consumption)
    • Efficient cleaning in hard-to-reach places

Effective advice and support

Thomas Howald Thermostar
Thermostar restoration guarantee

“Together we increase the efficiency of your team and the quality of cleaning with environmentally friendly products, which leads to reduced cleaning costs in everyday work.”

Thomas Howald, Sebotics field service
Phone: +41415007552

Effective advice and support


Oven cleaning becomes child's play! No more tedious scrubbing and permanent damage. We have the solution.

Thermostar oven cleaning without chemicals

Car cleaning

Absolute cleanliness inside your vehicle!

Thermostar car cleaning

Shower cubicle and wall tiles

Remove grease and odors from your extractor hood with the environmentally friendly dry steam cleaner from Thermostar.

Thermostar dry steam cleaning


Remove grease and odors from your extractor hood with the environmentally friendly dry steam cleaner from Thermostar.

Clean the extractor hood with Thermostar

Motorcycles and bicycles ​

Give your motorcycles and bicycles a sparkling shine with the Thermostar dry steam cleaner. Efficient cleaning for a flawless appearance.

Thermostar Clean dirty motorcycles without any problems

And many more…
Get advice and book a free demonstration at your home or business.


Hotel Hirschen

Oberkrich, LU

“The heat cleaner relieves our housekeeping team enormously of the daily cleaning of our rooms. They can now devote more attention to the needs of our guests.”

Markus Wicki, owner

Reference Hotel Hirschen Oberkirch Thermostar

Huus Gstaad

Saanen-Gstaad, BE

“We use the molecular heat cleaner constantly. We want to offer our guests only the best, which also includes environmentally friendly cleaning in the hotel rooms.”

Günter Weilguni, CEO

Thermostar references Sebotics Huus Gstad

What is dry steam?

Think about steam, think about caution and caution. The THERMOSTAR dry steam device stands out from other steam cleaners by offering at least 9 bar pressure, high outlet temperatures and a very high steam speed.

These three technical properties ensure that treated surfaces are only slightly moistened. Dirt and dust, as well as stains, are removed from their carrier materials. The hot steam particles penetrate the materials, liquefy the dirt and then lift it off the carrier material. Germs, bacteria, fungi and viruses are effectively eliminated.

In the home you will find a wide range of applications, including drains, ovens, extractor hoods, shower cubicles, wall tiles, refrigerator ice, windows, shutters, tiles, grout, floors made of various materials, toilets, sanitary areas, wooden furniture, radiators, stove tops, blinds, leather, mattresses, plants and much more. In addition, the THERMOSTAR® is also suitable for grills, garden furniture, interior and exterior cleaning of vehicles (including upholstery and leather), motorcycles, watch straps, jewelry, animal cages, metal grilles and hard-to-reach places.

  • The Sinner circle is a proven mechanism of action that optimizes cleaning processes in commercial cleaning, building cleaning and disinfection applications. This cycle takes various criteria into account (as in the example of the oven) and leads to optimal cleaning results.”

Convinced? Or not quite yet?

Thomas Howald Thermostar
Thermostar restoration guarantee

“I'll show you how your team can be relieved and your quality in cleaning can be increased with environmentally friendly products and lower cleaning costs in everyday work. “

Thomas Howald, Sebotics field service
Phone: +41415007552

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