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Home » Tele 1 reports on the service robot in Ebikon

Tele 1 reports on the service robot in Ebikon

Tele1 News Article with owner Thomas Holenstein on the BellaBot service robot from Sebotics

Press: First service robot in gastronomy in Ebikon

Publication and source: Tele1 and Radio Pilatus, October 13, 2021

The service robot BellaBot im Restaurant Andulino was allowed to prove his skills during a news report for Tele 1. Even the colleagues from Radio Pilatus couldn't resist our robot. 

BellaBot in the news of Tele 1

It didn't stop with a video alone. With its impressive appearance, the BellaBot made it into the daily news program of Tele 1. 

In cooperation with the television station, Radio Pilatus also reported on the service robot on their website.

You can find both posts here:

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