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delivery robot

Swiftbot service robot with box and self-closing door. Hotel robot with lift connection 2

Thanks to the latest technology, the SwiftBot uses floor lights to indicate which way it is going and what the end user should do to receive their delivery from the robot.


Thanks to the automatically lockable shelves, the hygiene of fresh produce is always guaranteed - even if the robot distributes dishes or drinks over several floors. This is possible thanks to the advanced technology via a lift. The SwiftBot can operate the lift autonomously and thus navigate within a building without assistance.

Everywhere here, the SwiftBot makes work easier


Takes guests to their rooms and delivers room service or requested services to the guest's room.

Exhibition and catering

Delivers drinks, snacks and information documents to the guests and to the exhibition stands. Direct payment and NFC.


Delivers documents, papers, stationery and parcels from A to B. Safely stored in the SwiftBot.

Health services

Delivers daily necessities, medicines and meals to different rooms and floors.

This is what sets the SwiftBot apart

Sebotics SwiftBot delivery robot Icon 4


Improved evasion possibility for 50% less "traffic jam" between humans and robots as well as increasing the running speed of the machines in restaurants by 30%.

Sebotics SwiftBot Delivery Robot Icons (4)


Improvement of delivery stability by 20% with the help of hybrid technology, combination of adaptive, variable autolevel suspension and stabilization algorithm.

Sebotics SwiftBot delivery robot Icon 3


Human detection technology to ensure safety for special groups such as the elderly and children.

Sebotics SwiftBot delivery robot Icon 2


Multimodal interaction creates smarter and better experiences for customers.

Sebotics SwiftBot delivery robot Icon 1


SwiftBot is kind, friendly and redefines the relationship between humans and robots.

Automatic electric door

Ensuring safety, hygiene and privacy with every delivery (standard version only).

Swiftbot Sebotics delivery robot
Swiftbot service robot recognizes guests

Door control in one step

Swiftbot service robot scans motion

Real time avoidance reminder

Swiftbot interacts

Machine status indicators

Swiftbot service robot birthday mode

Pattern interaction in modes

Internet of Things

Robots and devices work in
different scenarios

Swiftbot all in one

Multiple serving modes

grocery delivery

delivery mode

Tour mode

guide mode

birthday mode

interaction mode

Automatic charging

Intelligent automatic top-up for 7*24 services

Sebotics Swiftbot charging station

All at the same time

Call flexibly, react quickly

Swiftbot beeper

Visualized status in real time

Every step of SwiftBot is visible and understandable.

Omnidirectional perception ability

Extensive use of sensor technology to ensure safe deliveries

Swiftbot service robot with box and self-closing door. Hotel robot with lift connection 2

dimensions of the machine

weight of the robot

path release


Battery life

cruise speed



488 * 593 * 1281 mm

59 kg

80 cm

4.5 h (automatic charging)

12-24 h

0,5-1,2m/s (adjustable)

3 to max. 5 shelves
433 * 502 mm

35 kg

dimensions of the machine488 * 593 * 1281mm
weight of the robot59kg
path release80 cm
charging4.5 hours (automatic)
Battery life12-24 h
cruise speed 0,5-1,2m/s (adjustable)
Hold3 to max. 5 shelves
433 * 502 mm
load35 kg


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