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Serving robot BellaBot in the sports restaurant Obere Au

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Food delivery to the table Service robot BellaBot in the Obere Au sports restaurant

Service robot helps in the sports restaurant Obere Au

September was used to integrate a complementary room. It should include additional self-service during the cold months. The service robot Bellabot has also moved in. In the future, this will help the service staff with serving and clearing away items. The shortage of staff is currently a major issue in the catering industry. Questions such as optimizing processes or relieving existing employees are just a few of them.

Training service robots in the sports restaurant Obere Au

Test use of a service robot

The idea of ​​Thomas Coray, owner and Tino Rominger, chef and restaurant manager: the test use of a service robot. In order to test the feedback from employees and guests, the robot has been in use since mid-August. This also spreads enthusiasm and smiling faces in the newly converted company. The little helper Thomas Coray first attracted positive attention at an event. “I was enthusiastic about the robot and since our main target group is families, it seemed suitable for our restaurant. It should delight our guests.”

Fields of application of "Bella"

The robot should not only serve to entertain the guests, but also take on important tasks.

For example:

  • Help the service staff to relieve the burden in day-to-day business
  • Deliver orders to tables
  • help with clearing away
  • Transport dishes to the kitchen

This means that staff has more time to take care of the guest's well-being. At the beginning of the test phase, the employees of the Obere Au sports restaurant were still a little skeptical about the idea. “After training and demonstrating the advantages of the robot, our team received it well,” said Tino Rominger, restaurant manager and head chef at the restaurant.  

Service robot BellaBot in the sports restaurant Obere Au

The reopening after the renovation should be remembered as a "highlight" for every visitor after the sport and in the minds of the guests. The BellaBot in the sports restaurant is used indoors and undergoes a three-month test phase. A decision is then made as to whether the robot will be permanently integrated into what is happening on site. Whether he can continue to support and relieve the team in the sports restaurant is an open question.

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