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Central Switzerland has the strongest disc tractor

HolaBot in MissMiu

Central Switzerland has the strongest disc tractor

The HolaBot is a real eye-catcher. Currently the strongest disc tractor in Central Switzerland. With its load of 40 kilograms of cutlery, plates and glasses, it moves quietly between tables. In this way he supports the service staff in an impressive way.

You feel as if you are in another world: one step in Miss Miu in Zug and you are drawn into a Korean circus-like world. Not only the scent is unique, but also the attention to detail of the facility. But something in particular catches the eye: a robot.

The robot HolaBot at Miss Miu

The attention to detail in Miss Miu is also reflected in the choice of robot: The HolaBot is not just a practical tool, but a small technological work of art. Its shape is reminiscent of a pillar on wheels and the display on its head is a real eye-catcher. "We are proud to have a unique service robot in our restaurant with the HolaBot," explains the manager of Miss Miu. "He supports us excellently in our work."

The service staff receives support

The service robot is not a competitor for the service staff, but a valuable support in the company. Because people cannot and should not be replaced. His tasks are clearly divided - he supports the service staff in offering guests an unforgettable stay. Thanks to its impressive performance and its unique design, the HolaBot can provide enormous relief in the restaurant area. He takes on the heavy lifting of moving crockery, cutlery and glasses from the dining room to the washing up station. As a result, the service staff have more time for personal contact with the guests and can fully concentrate on their needs. The staff is in the foreground, while the robot helps quietly and unobtrusively. “The service robot should not serve as an attraction for visitors in our company. It is intended to relieve our employees, which is why it is also placed inconspicuously in the guest room," says the management. The clearing robot is already firmly established at Miss Miu in Zug and is very popular with the service staff.

future of gastronomy

With the use of the robot "HolaBot", the Wiesner Gastronomy family is sending a strong signal for the future of gastronomy. The combination of technology and personal service opens up completely new possibilities and offers great benefits for everyone involved.

The service robot can not only be found at Miss Miu in Zug, but is also used in other restaurants. Although he acts quietly and unobtrusively, he provides enormous support for the service staff.

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