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Service robots help in the Silvretta Montafon ski area

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Silvretta Montafon Nova Stoba with service robot BellaBot

How does a service robot help in the Silvretta Montafon ski area?

The Ski area Silvretta Montafon is equipped with 10 mountain restaurants and offers 9000 seats for its visitors. This requires a lot of staff. But what happens when these areas can no longer be covered? In an interview with Christoph Ruppitsch, the restaurant manager of the old valley station and the Bella Nova, it becomes clear that it is necessary to think outside the box. Visitors to the mountain should continue to be offered what they expect in the future - high quality and smooth service processes.

Old valley station Exterior view of Silvretta Montafon

Christoph Ruppitsch, with the service robot you bring the unexpected into your business and onto the mountain. How did you come up with the idea of ​​using a robot in the restaurant?

We have thought about how we can simplify work processes in our companies. In addition, we have an emergency of service personnel, which we have to solve. We saw a good alternative in the service robot. He helps us where we lack the staff or for what we don't have time. With the use of the service robot, we were able to contain two different problems.

Where is the service robot used in the restaurant?

The robot is used in our restaurant. It is placed at a central point and loaded with used crockery, plates and glasses. As soon as this is full, an employee can send the robot to the washing-up station with the push of a button. "Bella" then drives off straight away and is unloaded in the kitchen. This workflow saves our employees valuable time. On days when the seating in the restaurant is tight, "Bella" takes a little breather, as it is almost impossible to get through and is sometimes a balancing act even for our service staff.

For your employees, the robot was certainly an unusual new team member. How was this reacted to?

Of course, at the beginning there was a certain skepticism, which is quite natural. It took some time before the service robot was accepted by the employees. After a short time you could see the work being made easier. Our employees no longer have to walk back and forth as long and the service robot has been integrated into our work processes.

BellaBot in action on the Nova Stoba

How do your guests react to the electronic helper?

The service robot is always a topic of conversation among our guests. “Bella” has to be used for photos or videos from time to time.

What would you change or add to the robot?

Personally, I wish «Bella» was even more flexible, especially in winter when ski helmets or gloves get in the way. It would be ideal if the service robot then found new ways to get through or drove back to its starting point. A special "gag" would be the language setting, for example with "Servus" or "An Guata".

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