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The right robot
for office and warehouse buildings

Our robots make work more pleasant for you and your team.
Maybe this sounds familiar to you:

Our robots make work more pleasant for you and your team. Maybe this sounds familiar to you:

Transporting goods between different areas takes too much time.

Get and bring distances
too much time consuming for employees.

Pick-up and drop-off distances take up too much of the employees' time.

The CenoBots SP50 is an advanced vacuum cleaner robot that is particularly suitable for efficiently cleaning large areas.

It has functions such as a large dust filter bag, long operating time and autonomous detection and cleaning of coarse dirt.

Regular wet cleaning of the rooms by a cleaning institute is too expensive and the employees cannot bear such work. The Cenobots L50 is ideal for this.

No problem.

The robots from Sebotics take over distances and the transport of documents and materials between different areas or floors.

Regular cleaning and disinfection is ensured autonomously and regularly, without it becoming the task of the employees.

We have the right helper for you

We have the right one
helper for you


Delivery and promotion robots

Can be used in service and promotional tours.
Load your videos and images directly onto the FHD screen and amaze your guests.


Promotion and cleaning robots

Your products optimally displayed. A huge eye-catcher and impossible to miss.
Cleaning is also carried out at the same time.

JunoBot AX6113

Delivery and clearing robots

A real load miracle. Remove up to 200 kg at once. Bring heavy cutlery and plates from A to B without heavy lifting.

JunoBot Lift

Delivery and lifting robots

A lifting platform that can go under a car and lift it itself. Automated from A to B.

JunoBot Plus

Carrying robot

Carrying platform for bringing and picking up heavy items. 200 kg is no problem for the Juno Plus.

JunoBot Max

Carrying robot

Carrying power of up to 600 kg. 
A robot that can automatically transport very heavy things.


With the free service robot configurator you can find out which robot is right for your company and receive a free offer for your individual requirements!
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