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Home » Robotics in the Alps – first use of the CadeBot robot in Switzerland 

Robotics in the Alps – first use of the CadeBot robot in Switzerland 

Gfellen CadeBot mountain restaurant

Robotics in the Alps – first use of the CadeBot robot in Switzerland

The Mountain restaurant Gfellen is located in Finsterwald in a quiet and idyllic area in Entlebuch. Whether as a finale after a strenuous day of hiking or to warm up after an afternoon in the snow - reported The mountain restaurant draws on a mix of nature experience and culinary enjoyment Gfellen guests all year round. But it's not just good food and one that awaits you here relaxed atmosphere, but also innovative support: CadeBot, the first robot of its kind with the latest technologylogy supports the service team.  

The traditional restaurant is proud to present its newest member of the team – the innovative robot CadeBot, which is the first of its kind to serve in a Swiss catering company. The All-rounder robot takes on a variety of tasks in the mountain restaurant Gfellen and helps provide guests with a unique experience. Equipped with the latest technology and artificial intelligence, the robot can not just react to guests, but with them, if desired, too communicate.

Introduction of CadeBot from Sebotics with management Josef Schmidinger
Significant step towards the future

A pair of significant step towards the future of the catering industry in Switzerland. The integration of robotic technology into the service area not only enables more efficient work, but also gives the restaurant a futuristic touch that delights guests and even after visiting Memory remains.  

The robot can be used for different tasks in the company, usually moving back and forth between the kitchen and the dining room. This saves the staff this journey and can serve directly from the CadeBot. “It was important to us to find support that could relieve our service staff, especially during peak times. The distance between the kitchen and the hall can therefore be saved. The CadeBot delivers meals and drinks and goes back with you  used crockery and cutlery. All this with just the push of a button.” says Josef Schmidiger, management of the mountain restaurant.

CadeBot the all-rounder robot

The all-rounder robot not only relieves and supports staff, but also serves as a sophisticated marketing measure with its integrated HD screen. Whether it's a hit of the day, a weekly specialty or a seasonal highlight, he promotes the current food and drinks during his routes throughout the entire company. The robot has a battery life of up to 8 hours. “We use the CadeBot all day long. The robot drives itself to its charging station, usually after work, and stays there overnight. The next morning it will be ready for us to use again,” says Schmidiger. The robot is already fully charged after 4.5 hours.  

CadeBot in everyday work

"The decision to get help from a robot sounds very strange at the beginning. But the more you deal with the topic and actively integrate and use the robot into work processes, the more you think about itIt quickly became clear that it represents real added value for us as restaurant operators.“, adds Josef Schmidiger.  

All-rounder robot CadeBot is in the mountain restaurant in Switzerland Gfellen the first of its kind. It combines the functions of a service– and advertising robot in one. 


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