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The right robot for caterers

Our robots make work more pleasant for you and your employees.
Maybe this sounds familiar to you:

Your guest care is due to the
high time pressure low quality?

You need a competitive advantage
compared to your competition?

BellaBot at the Andulino restaurant
BellaBot at the Andulino restaurant

Do you need a competitive advantage over your competition?

Sebotics event rental is fun

Events with lots of guests and a relaxed atmosphere. Do you need that certain extra?

No problem.

The robots from Sebotics take over your routine tasks so that there is more time for comprehensive guest care.

Broken glasses and plates are no longer an issue thanks to the unique response time of 0,2 seconds and the emergency stop function.

Thanks to a robot from Sebotics, you can stand out from your competition with more efficiency and the surprise effect on the guests.

We have the right helper for you


Delivery and promotion robots

Can be used in service and promotional tours.
Load your videos and images directly onto the FHD screen and amaze your guests.


Promotion and cleaning robots

Your products optimally displayed. A huge eye-catcher and impossible to miss.
Cleaning is also carried out at the same time.

JunoBot AX6113

Delivery and clearing robots

A real load miracle. Remove up to 200 kg at once. Bring heavy cutlery and plates from A to B without heavy lifting.


Delivery and serving robots

The perfect link between kitchen and service. Drags dishes, crockery and drinks - so that the employees are relieved.


Reception robot

Recognizes people and approaches them. He presents delicacies and informs the customer via touchpad.


Clearing and bringing robot

Collects dishes and brings them directly to the washing-up area. The HolaBot can also be ordered by the guest himself using the call function.


With the free service robot configurator you can find out which robot is right for your company and receive a free offer for your individual requirements!
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