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Robots as consultants for luxury cars

Diamond Cars AG Team and Emanuel from Sebotics with the KettyBot

Robots as consultants for luxury cars

Fast cars, quality interiors and great service. The Diamond Cars AG in Neuendorf sells emotions with their cars. Thanks to a new, somewhat unusual advisor, the purchasing process should also become a unique experience in the future. It's nothing less than a little robot called "KittyBot".

You don't have to explain to anyone that cars or sports cars already have a futuristic accent. But Diamond Cars AG in Neuendorf goes one step further. They have recently been testing the “KettyBot” robot from Sebotics in Horw in their showroom. The robot is a roughly waist-high device with two shelves on the back, a screen on the front and a touchscreen on the top for giving commands or asking for information. We asked the owner Can Kabalay which tasks this robot does for him and why he decided to run a test phase.

Mr Kabalay, how did you find out about the KettyBot in the first place?

I was asked directly by Thomas Holenstein, the managing director of Sebotics. He told me about the "KettyBot" and its advantages and offered me to do a test phase with us. I found it very innovative and a good way to win new customers for us.

Can Kabalay interviewing Sebotics about the KettyBot, his new innovative advisor

What work will the KettyBot do at Diamond Cars?

He will greet customers and can deliver the keys outside during a tour or handover. He can also bring the coffee to the table during consultations.

What do you and your team expect from the robot?

It should simplify our daily routine and make it more efficient. This allows us to be more productive ourselves. He should act as autonomously as possible.

What would you optimize about the KettyBot?

It would be great if he made his own coffee right away. We are currently making the coffee at Diamond Cars and having it brought to the customer with the KettyBot. In addition, I would find it practical if the robot could simply have conversations with the customers itself or if we could assign tasks to it verbally. As far as I know, such a language pack is in the works.

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