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CadeBot L100 service and promotion robot

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Discover BellaBot - your indispensable helper in the catering and hotel industry

Imagine your guests being greeted by a charming and efficient service robot that offers the ultimate in service. Introducing BellaBot, the versatile robotic assistant revolutionizing the future of hospitality!



The Cadebot L100 is a versatile service robot, primarily designed for the catering industry and event management.

It offers functions such as advertising display, serving, clearing and interactive entertainment.
With its advanced dynamic orientation technology, it can find alternative routes and avoid obstacles. The robot has a 21,5-inch full HD advertising screen, AI voice control, multiple serving mode and automatic recharging.
It is suitable for use in various areas such as waiting areas, trade fairs and catering and can be customized with accessories such as boxes or cup holders.

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