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News from the world of robotics

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Sebotics new robots 2024

News from the world of robotics

At the start of the year there are new additions from robotics to the company Sebotics: Lift connections and advanced technologies complement the robot family reported five new models: JunoBot, Juno Max, Juno Plus, Juno Lift and Mars smartbot 

But what can the new helpers do that the other robots that already exist cannot? An overview of robotics 2024 with new features, expanded technologies and capabilities:

JunoBot: The optimized service robot

The JunoBot has a load capacity of 200 kg. This means it is a lot bigger than its predecessors. This makes its use more attractive in different industries and is great for Industrial, warehouse or restaurant-Ghorse farms.

In addition, the JunoBot thanks to its excellent chassis. Thanks to larger wheels, it can sleep of up to 4 cm can be easily overcome. A special highlight: its chassis means it can ride elevators drive easily. It can be used with different lift Hcreator be designed and thus deliver his loaded goods on different levels. He also recognizes gates and automatic doors and waits until they open to make his way to continue

Juno Max: Powerful advances in carrying capacity

With the impressive ability to store up to 600 Kto carry g, he sets Juno Max new standards for the load capacity of delivery robots and in the field of robotics. From heavy cargo to largessThis robot handles voluminous shipments with ease.

Thanks to larger wheels, it can easily overcome thresholds of up to 4 cm. A special highlight: Thanks to its chassis, it can easily drive on elevators. It can be designed with different manufacturers and thus deliver its loaded goods at different levels. The Roboter contains the “Follow Me” function and thus offers the opportunity to follow people.

Juno Lift: Independent lifting and lowering of objects

The need for robot use in outdoor areas is also becoming more and more apparent. Delivering parcels from A to B or different floors is possible with the Juno lift makeable.

The robot was developed for indoor and outdoor purposes. It can also overcome thresholds of up to 4 cm without losing its orientation. He also handles entire processes himself from start to finish. He carries out long distances, lifting and setting down objects such as boxes, packages or pallets independently, thus providing enormous relief for the employees. Using the “Follow-Me” function, the Juno Lift follows people and accompanies their work processes. 

Juno Plus: The Impostor

Ob Shopping centers, alleys or busy streets - der Juno Plus is the answer to the need for largesshigher volume and advanced technology. With his integrated wayfinding, he always finds his final destinationresourceful. Due to the impressive size The Juno Plus can also handle special requirements and can also be used outdoors. It also recognizes elevators, gates or automatic doors.

Its load capacity is up to 200 kg. Thanks to its special shape, it can size Transport packages or boxes. The “Follow Me” function makes this possible Juno Plus to follow a specific person, which is especially invaluable in camp environments.  

The Juno series (Juno Lift, Juno Max and Juno Plus) mark a turning point in delivery robotics. From autonomous lifting to maximizing load capacity and size, these robots offer impressive versatility. The future of delivery logistics is today. 

Mars SmartBot: All-in-one robot for indoor and outdoor use

A high load capacity and an integrated HD-Advertising screen, the all-inone Mars smartbot serves all needs. Its load capacity reaches up to 80 kg. There is an increasing need for robot deployments also in the outdoor area, like for example Terraces on. The Mars Smartmuzzle was protected against sunlight. For this reason he can problemcan also be used outside. This robot can also be designed and connected to existing elevators from various elevator manufacturers. So is this robot suitable for companies, which are equipped with different floors. Thanks to its chassis, it is also able to overcome thresholds of up to 4 cm.

Starting points, virtual tracks, charging stations and other features can be easily accessed via an appgramme.  

Which robot is best suited to your needs depends on various factors. We bewould be happy to advise you.  


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