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Home » New team member for the Galerie im Park restaurant in the Rheinpark shopping center

New team member for the Galerie im Park restaurant in the Rheinpark shopping center

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Service robot BellaBot from Sebotics in the Galerie im Park restaurant, St. Margrethen

New team member for the Galerie im Park restaurant in the Rheinpark shopping center

Tuesday morning in the Galerie im Park restaurant in the Rheinpark shopping center in St. Margrethen: guests enjoy their morning newspaper and a fragrant cup of coffee to start the day. But in addition to the friendly and familiar faces of the service staff, regular guests and newcomers alike notice an exciting innovation: a cat-like robot that moves confidently and calmly between the tables.

Service robot BellaBot in the Galerie im Park restaurant

The Galerie im Park restaurant is a meeting place for delicious meals and relaxed breaks while shopping. The team recently expanded to include a special member: BellaBot, the service robot.

After a short training period, the service robot is already a familiar and welcome sight in the restaurant. The new employee is not only able to greet guests in a warm manner and wink at the little visitors, but should also actively support and relieve the burden in service.

The tasks of a service robot

The BellaBot takes on a variety of tasks in the Galerie im Park restaurant: The main task is to manage the long distances between the kitchen and the tables for the guests, a distance that adds up to several kilometers over the course of a day. This allows service staff to focus more on the needs of guests and provide personalized service. In addition, the robot also takes on the laborious task of carrying dishes, cutlery and glasses, which can sometimes be a physically demanding task in the catering industry. The service robot handles this task effortlessly and can safely transport several hundred kilograms of dishes from A to B every day.

Another attribute is his ability to go to different locations in the restaurant and complete tasks at different points. This ensures that employees can react flexibly to the restaurant's requirements at all times, while robots provide them with reliable and unceasing support.

Service robot Bella in use in the Galerie im Park restaurant
Positive feedback on the use of robots

Overall, BellaBot is a valuable addition to the team at the Galerie im Park restaurant, not only providing relief but also offering guests a unique experience. This allows service staff to focus more on guests and ensure that their dining needs are always met satisfactorily.

The service robot BellaBot is a prime example of the advancing digitalization and automation in the service industry. With his cat-like appearance and friendly nature, he brings a whole new charm to the restaurant. The guests quickly got used to the robot's presence. But don't worry, the BellaBot is not a replacement for the tried and tested service staff, but rather an enrichment to the team. Human staff remain present to ensure personalized service and human interaction. Rather, the robot is intended as an addition to increase efficiency and speed in the restaurant and offer guests an even better experience.

The reactions from guests are extremely positive, and many are enthusiastic about the slightly different addition. The future of service in the hospitality industry has begun, and the BellaBot is a step in that exciting direction. Not only the robot is happy about a visit to the restaurant, but also the whole team!


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