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Stoos Lodge with service robot

Service robot BellaBot in the restaurant of the new Stoos Lodge

New Stoos Lodge: "New Generation Hotel" with service robot

A refreshingly different hotel concept with digital surprises.

Service robot BellaBot in the restaurant of the new Stoos Lodge

New hotel principle in the Stoos Lodge

In the new Stoos Lodge, guests only pay for what they need. Because all amenities that go beyond the basic price of the room are paid extra. This means that every guest can put together their perfect holiday package - digitally, of course. The hotel is characterized by this promotion of the individual lifestyle, unique design and the renunciation of costly or superfluous services.

New Stoos Lodge

Digital staff: service robots

In addition to digital customer processing, future music is also playing in the Stoos Lodge restaurant. The service robot turns with a soft hum BellaBot through the restaurant in the hotel at 1300 m above sea level. M. The cat-like robot is built like a pillar with four shelves for dishes, drinks and dishes.

To relieve the service staff, the robot carries the plates and glasses between the kitchen and the restaurant. Thus, the service staff can take more time for the most important thing: the guests. During the opening on December 15, not only the staff, but also “Bella” will have their hands full.

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