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Movie Star: Glamor and high-tech with a service robot

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Movie night with service robot Bellabot from Sebotics

SEBOTICS presents the innovation service robots to trainees in the catering and hotel industry

Glamor and high-tech at the "Movie Night" in Lucerne

Private Selection Hotels & Tours invites you to this year's "Movie-Night" on Sunday, October 30, 2022 at the Hotel Schweizerhof in Lucerne. During this “Night of Nights”, trainees in the hotel and catering industry are presented with the coveted MovieStar Award. Namely for short films that they have shot and submitted themselves about their teaching profession. The service staff receives support with the aperitif from Service robot BellaBot of the Swiss company SEBOTICS.

The appeal to the learners: Submitting a short video that shows what the learners like about their apprenticeship and why they have chosen this profession. A jury of experts from the catering and hotel industry views and evaluates the videos. 3 short films per professional category housekeeping, HoKo, KV, kitchen and service are nominated for the PSH-MovieStar-Award.

At the "Movie-Night" the submitted videos are presented to an enthusiastic audience in a cinematic way and with a lot of glamor. And since the "Movie Night" should be unforgettable for all learners as well as for the guests present, the organizer decided to hire the Swiss company SEBOTICS or their service robots. The innovative "good spirits" give the service staff a strong and charming support during the aperitif and thus not only provide support, but also make a cool impression on students and guests.

"We think it's great that trainees are given such a beautiful stage to present their dream job from their very own perspective," says Thomas Holenstein, CEO of SEBOTICS. It is important to him to show young talents in the industry which innovations are already possible in the catering and hotel industry today. “Our service robots do not replace workers. They can't do that. They just take a lot of weight and long distances off them. This means that the guest will continue to be the focus of attention when serving. In short: the BellaBot helps, the service staff serves, the guest is a guest and enjoys it.”

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