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Mars Smartbot

Mars Smartbot

The all-round delivery and clearing robot

Mars, available exclusively from Sebotics, represents the pinnacle of service robotics. With its advanced technology and outstanding service, Mars is changing the way guests are served. Equipped with a large HD screen, smart tablet and fast remote mapping, Mars Smartbot offers an unparalleled guest experience.

Mars Smartbot Sebotics

Mars, available exclusively from Sebotics, represents the pinnacle of service robotics. With its advanced technology and outstanding service, Mars is changing the way guests are served. Equipped with a large HD screen, smart tablet and fast remote mapping, Mars Smartbot offers an unparalleled guest experience.

This versatile robot, ideal for indoor and outdoor environments, is revolutionizing the way services are delivered. With its impressive load capacity of up to 80kg and flexible, smart trays, Mars is perfectly equipped for a variety of applications, from delivering food and drinks to presenting advertising content on its large HD display.

Mars features advanced navigation capability, supported by industry-leading RGBD cameras and 3D obstacle avoidance. This ensures safe and precise navigation even in busy environments. Intuitive app control enables fast and flexible remote mapping and programming. Mars also offers a robust construction and a powerful chassis that can easily overcome thresholds of up to 4 cm, which also qualifies it for use in elevators.

With a battery life of over 10 hours in continuous operation, AI-supported voice interaction and the ability to intelligently network and coordinate with other robots, Mars is setting new standards in robotics. Its modern design and adaptability make it an attractive and efficient aid for any company that wants to take its service to the next level. Mars is not just a robot, but an experience that changes the way we think and deliver services.

The Mars Smartbot makes work easier everywhere


For clearing away a lot of dishes. Thanks to its carrying capacity of 80 kg, the Mars Smartbot helps everywhere.

beast of burden

Up to 80kg carrying capacity. Load the Mars Smartbot to deliver heavy items.

Lift connection

Have the Mars Smartbot drive from floor 2 to the ground floor. Lift connection is no problem.

Health services

Collection of medical waste from patient rooms or treatment rooms. Or bring the food directly to your room.

Suitable for outdoor use

Sunlight is not a problem. You can also let Mars drive around outdoors, for example on the terrace, and serve your guests or bring a package from A to B.


Thanks to its innovative orientation technology, the Mars Smartbot is able to navigate a changing environment without getting lost. Pallets that are suddenly in a different location are no longer a challenge.

Incredible all-rounder

  1. Versatile uses: Mars is designed for both indoor and outdoor use, making it a versatile helper in different environments. It is ideal for patios, courtyards, restaurants, hotels and many other locations.

  2. Innovative technology: Equipped with a large HD screen, Mars enables the display of high-resolution content for advertising, information or entertainment, which significantly enriches the customer experience.

  3. High load capacity and flexibility: Mars can hold up to 80kg total weight, with up to 20kg per tray. This makes it ideal for transporting food, drinks, documents or other items.

  4. Advanced navigation and security: The advanced RGBD cameras and 3D obstacle avoidance technologies enable safe and efficient navigation without blindspots, increasing safety in busy environments.

  5. Efficient remote control and programming: Using an intuitive app, users can easily program starting points, virtual tracks and charging stations, enabling quick and flexible deployment.

  6. Intelligent interaction: Mars has an AI voice chip and intelligent voice recognition, enabling friendly and interactive communication with customers.

  7. Robust construction and chassis: With its powerful chassis and the ability to overcome thresholds of up to 4 cm, Mars is robust and reliable, even in difficult ground conditions and in elevators.

  8. Long battery life: With a battery life of over 10 hours in continuous use, Mars is ideal for long working days without frequent charging interruptions.

  9. Intelligent networking and coordination: Mars can perform coordinated actions in conjunction with other robots, which is particularly advantageous for complex or multitasking tasks.

  10. Adaptability and modernity: Thanks to its modern design and the customization options in terms of the tablets and the display, Mars is not only a functional but also a visually appealing addition to any environment.

  11. Lifts
    The Mars Smartbot can be connected to an elevator/elevator to reach other floors. For this purpose, the elevator manufacturer is also required to build a correct integration.
Mars Smartbot Sebotics delivery robot lift connection 2

unique chassis

The Mars Smartbot is characterized by its outstanding chassis, which is specially designed for superior handling of obstacles.
Thanks to its slightly larger wheels, Mars can easily overcome thresholds, which significantly improves maneuverability. Even in elevators, a threshold of up to 3 cm does not pose a challenge. Even up to 4 cm are possible without the robot getting stuck. 
This advanced chassis design ensures that the Mars Smartbot moves smoothly and efficiently through a wide variety of environments without getting stuck or losing orientation.

The chassis allows elevators of various brands to be used without any problems. 

Mars Smartbot Sebotics delivery robot lift connection 2

Suitable for outdoor use

Operation in outdoor areas and open spaces is guaranteed, unaffected by the prevailing lighting conditions. The system is capable of identifying items such as elevators, gates and automatic door systems.

Support and remote service

It is possible to perform maintenance and management both on-site and remotely, with both methods fully supported.

Mars Smartbot Sebotics delivery robot lift connection 4 (1)

Perfect navigation

Whether through narrow streets, in spacious shopping centers or warehouses that are constantly changing a little, the JunoBot always maintains its orientation. Thanks to exclusive technology, error-free route finding is guaranteed.

Mars Smartbot Sebotics delivery robot lift connection 2

Loading capacity

Up to 80 kg
(per shelf 20 kg)

Battery life

> 10h depending on the setting



mass of the machine

58 cm wide, 49 cm long 129 cm high

Dimensions of shelves

43 40 cm x cm


1 m/s, individually adjustable


max. 5 °


With the free service robot configurator you can find out which robot is right for your company and receive a free offer for your individual requirements!


  1. What is Mars? Mars is a state-of-the-art service robot designed for an impressive guest experience in various areas of use.

  2. What technical features does Mars have? Mars features a large HD display, smart tablets, fast remote mapping and 3D obstacle avoidance.

  3. Can Mars carry heavy loads? Yes, Mars can carry up to 80kg in total with its trays, with up to 20kg per tray.

  4. How is Mars programmed? Mars is easy to program via an app, including starting points, virtual tracks and charging stations.

  5. How does Mars navigate? Mars uses advanced RGBD cameras for precise navigation and features comprehensive obstacle avoidance.

  6. Is Mars suitable for outdoor use? Yes, Mars can also be used outdoors and is therefore suitable for a variety of environments.

  7. How does Mars interact with customers? Mars offers a smooth AI voice interaction experience that enables friendly customer interactions.

  8. How does Mars' suspension work? Mars has a vehicle-grade suspension that ensures smooth starting and braking.

  9. How long does Mars battery last? Mars can work continuously for more than 10 hours without interruption.

  10. Can Mars ride elevators? Yes, Mars is equipped with an excellent landing gear that can overcome thresholds of up to 4 cm.

  11. What mass does Mars have? Mars has a mass of 58x49x129 cm and a passage width of 75 cm.

What does SLAM mean?

SLAM (SLAM (English Simultaneous Localization and Mapping; German Simultaneous positioning and mapping)) is a process in which the robot maps its environment and simultaneously determines its position. It is used to detect obstacles and thus supports autonomous navigation. Combined with the robot's intelligent software, it avoids any obstacle.

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