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Mall of Switzerland now with a meowing robot

Luzerner Zeitung Contribution Demonstration of the BellaBot service robot in the Andulino restaurant in the Mall of Switzerland

Press: A meowing service robot is now making its way through the Mall of Switzerland

Publication and source: Luzerner Zeitung, October 12, 2021

For the Luzerner Zeitung the BellaBot im Restaurant Andulino in the Mall of Switzerland from its best side and was able to convince. 

Fun in the entrance hall of the mall

The Andulino restaurant's service robot is almost impossible to miss in the mall. He operates between the gelateria and the restaurant. To do this, he regularly crosses the entrance hall of the mall. Much to the delight of guests and customers.

However, the gastronomy robot is not only there for "attraction". It relieves the employees in the Andulino restaurant considerably. This gives them more time for quality guest service.

You can find the whole post here.

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