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How to keep the staff shortage under control without staff losses

More time for your core business with service robots
More time for your core business with service robots

Novelty for restaurateurs & hoteliers

Get a glimpse of how Andulino Restaurant works
in Ebikon uses the BellaBot


With the purchase of one of our service robots, your company will receive:
a one-off appearance in Prostmagazin, a personal story
in the Prost newsletter and you will be on the
Prost website under the “Companies” section.

Companies in which our service robots are already permanent team members

Switzerland, Germany and Austria

Do you know that...

When you come to work early in the morning and someone is absent again?

When you need to increase staff but can't find anyone?

When all your tables are full of dirty dishes and no one has time to clean them up?

When your employees are stressed and demotivated because there is too much work?

Introduce yourself...

You can go to work with peace of mind knowing you have enough staff.

That your current employees can go to work happier and more relaxed.

That someone carries the plates and glasses for you and your employees.

Your guests are even happier than before and put a smile on you and your employees.

Life in the catering or hotel industry is more relaxed and you finally have more time with the guests
to chat and you too bedienen.

Introduce yourself...

Our service robots can do just that for you!

Our promise to you:
You too can do less stress and more
Achieve serenity in everyday life without much additional effort.

  • Let the Sebotics service robots take care of your plates and lugging glasses, giving your service staff more time to serve your guests.
  • Dirty dishes spread over several tables are a thing of the past. Our service robots carry the plates for you and bring them straight to the sink.
  • Cope easily with rush hours
    Much less walking distances of the staff

Our service robots

Our cleaning robots

More time for your core business with service robots
More time for your core business with service robots


Restaurant Andulino
Mall of Switzerland

Manager of Andulino with BellaBot

“BellaBot helps my employees bring food and clear dishes. The children and older guests have a lot of fun with the robot and come to the restaurant just to see it.”

ZFV companies
Head of gastronomy at the Swiss Museum of Transport in Lucerne

Hans Bühlmann_Sebotics_ZFV

"The BellaBot supports our employees in their daily work, for example when serving or clearing away food and drinks. In addition, the robot corresponds to the zeitgeist and, with its innovative technology, fits perfectly with the gastronomy in the Swiss Museum of Transport.”


Various modes

willing to work

Ready for use in 8-12 hours at a time


Easy to use


Security guaranteed by multiple scanning


Installation on site by our technicians


Up to 40 kg carrying weight
(per tray 10 kg)

Test our service robots risk-free in a 1-3 month test rental.

When you take over the robot, the test rent will be sent to the
credited to the purchase price.

But that is not all

If a test rental is concluded in 2023
you will receive free branding from us on the front of your service robot
worth up to EUR 500.-

Hello, we are Sebotics

Thomas Holenstein Sebotics

Thomas Holstein

Managing Director

Our vision

Sebotics' goal is to make people's lives easier by allowing more space for human interaction.

The robots are an alternative where bottlenecks arise. Specialists thus have more time for the guest and the robots do the rest.

Patrick Holenstien

Patrick Holstein

technology and programming

Emanuel Buehrer

Emanuel Buehrer

technology and programming

Lady Konzett

Lady Konzett

Marketing & Content Creation

Our servicers are perfect for you if...

  • you need service support.
  • you are stressed and looking for new solutions for your
  • For example, you have a handicap and our robots give you that
    Wearing harness can decrease.
  • you like to bring a breath of fresh air into your company
  • you want to do something for your guests
    you want to support your team with BellaBot.
  • You want to relieve the cleaning.


Of course there are companies that use the robot up to the guest and also let the guest interact with the BellaBot. However, the service robot is mainly used in the background: It acts between the kitchen and the service team, thus relieving the employees of distance and towing. At the guest, however, the service staff remains in the foreground.

This is a misconception. The service robot BellaBot is there to support the existing staff. This gives the service team more time for what is really important to hosts and waiters: the guests.

The BellaBot orients itself to the previously scanned room. Of course, obstacles such as shifted chairs or people can be identified and cleverly avoided. In order to send the robot from A to B, certain points are stored on the room plan that can be selected by the operator as a destination.

Naturally. We offer different solutions for test phases. We would be happy to tell you more about this in a free initial consultation.

The BellaBot can be used in a variety of ways and is still not suitable for every company. Before making a purchase, the buyer must be 100 percent convinced of the concept. This includes not only the will to work together among the employees, but also the circumstances in the company. High thresholds or too narrow seating can be an obstacle for the robot.

From the first contact to the installation for the test phase it takes about 2 weeks. It is important for Sebotics that the conditions in the operation are right and are clearly defined in advance. If the customer opts for the test phase, the robot can be delivered and installed within a few days. Depending on the size of the company, the installation takes 2 to 6 hours and includes a short training session for the buyer and the employees.

End the stress once and for all

Now there are 2 options:

Option 1:
Continue to live with stress and demotivated staff,
which makes the guest more angry than satisfied.

Option 2:
Grab the chance and be among those who own it
Put a smile on the faces of employees and guests
conjure. Be it for service or lugging around
of dishes.

Book now non-binding, free of charge
Conversation at your desired time and let Christian
, who specialised in forest tree breeding.

We are very happy to offer you the Option 2 to new
to enable an upswing in your company and we look forward to
to get to know you and your team better.

The Sebotics team.

More time for your core business with service robots
More time for your core business with service robots
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