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Wet and dry cleaning robots

The J40 is an advanced cleaning robot for large commercial areas, equipped with a 5-in-1 cleaning system. This system allows for sweeping, wet mopping, scrubbing, vacuuming and dry mopping. It adapts to different soil types, navigates autonomously and offers daytime inspections. The robot has a Self-cleaning system for the mop and is controlled via a user-friendly app.

J40 all in one cleaning robot specifications cleaning robot (1)

Smart, modular and user-friendly. The J40 cleaning robot is established for cleaning services for office buildings, apartments, industrial parks and many more. The cleaning robot cleans right down to the last corners and acts completely autonomously.

The J40 cleaning robot makes work easier everywhere

office buildings

Vacuum cleaning of office and other premises. No more crumbs on the floor.

Industrial equipment

Wet pick-up of floors in industrial plants and factories. workload for everyone.

hotel entrances

No more dirty hotel entrances. Automatic cleaning plan of the different zones.


Something more than a conventional vacuum cleaner robot. Vacuum cleaning and wet pick-up in one.

shopping mall

No time to clean the aisles of the shelves? Let J40 do it. Clean corridors on planning.


Hygienic cleanliness also in hospitals and hospitals. Clean aisles at the touch of a button.

Washing, vacuuming, pushing and sweeping - 4 in one

Charging and water exchange station

Our patented workstation offers a mobile and flexible solution for filling with water and discharging dirty water. It is designed so that it can be easily transported with a push cart. This innovative design eliminates the need for fixed water inlets and outlets, allowing you to carry out your cleaning tasks wherever you need them - without restrictions and with maximum efficiency.
Of course, the station can also be permanently installed.

Intelligent coarse dirt report

Discover the intelligent cleaning power of the J40: As soon as this advanced helper encounters larger dirt that it cannot pick up, it immediately sends a notification directly to your smartphone. Our easy-to-use app keeps you informed so you never miss a spot. With the J40, you can always be confident that every corner of your space will remain spotless.

Unique base and mop system

The J40 has two independent suction pipes, which allow vacuuming and mopping to be separated independently. 
This optimal design of the robot reduces pipe blockages to a minimum and the J40 can be used independently of the modes for vacuum cleaning and wet mopping.

Huge advantage: There is no need to switch between the two modes. No conversion necessary!

Cleaning area


Battery life

3 – 8 hours depending on the setting



cleaning performance

max. 1800 m²/h

Water tank

9 L

mass of the machine

60 cm wide, 64 cm long, 70 cm high



max. 1 m/s, individually adjustable


max. 7.1 °


With the free service robot configurator you can find out which robot is right for your company and receive a free offer for your individual requirements!

Why you should buy a restaurant cleaning robot

Are you thinking about having your restaurant cleaned? Restaurant cleaning robots are the new innovation on the market and are becoming increasingly popular in the hospitality industry. There are many reasons why you should buy a restaurant cleaning robot. First of all, these robots are able to keep your restaurant clean without you having to worry about it. This means that you can focus more on your guests and on preparing the food instead of having to worry about cleaning the restaurant.

Another reason why you should buy a restaurant cleaning robot is that these robots are capable of cleaning very thoroughly. They have a variety of sensors and cleaning tools that allow them to clean very thoroughly. This means your restaurant will be cleaner and you'll spend less time wiping after the robots.

Finally, restaurant cleaning robots are also very efficient. Since they only need to be used occasionally, they don't use a lot of electricity and are therefore very energy efficient. This means you will spend less money cleaning your restaurant at the end of the year.

How to properly use a restaurant cleaning robot

Choosing the right cleaning robot for your restaurant is crucial for efficient and effective cleaning. It is important to choose a model that suits your restaurant in terms of both size and functionality. Our experts will be happy to help you find the ideal model for your needs. For example, a larger restaurant might benefit from a model other than the J40.

Programming the robot is not just about setting cleaning intervals, but also about setting it so that it cleans even the most difficult to reach areas with ease. A particular advantage of our robot models, such as the J40, is their flexibility: you can switch between different cleaning modes without the need for laborious reconfiguration of the device. This saves time and makes using the robot in your restaurant even more efficient. Our expert advisors will be happy to support you in optimally programming your cleaning robot to achieve the best results.

5 good reasons for a cleaning robot for your restaurant

  1. Time saving: A cleaning robot works independently and relieves you or your staff of time-consuming cleaning tasks. This allows you to concentrate on other important activities.

  2. Consistent cleaning quality: Robots offer consistently high cleaning performance. They remove dirt and dust efficiently and always ensure a clean and pleasant environment.

  3. Access to hard-to-reach places: Many cleaning robots are designed so that they can thoroughly clean even hard-to-reach areas such as under furniture or in corners.

  4. Health and hygiene: Regular and thorough cleaning by a robot helps reduce dust and allergens, which is particularly important in sensitive environments such as restaurants, hospitals or residential areas.

  5. Energy efficiency: Modern cleaning robots are energy efficient and help reduce energy consumption and associated costs.

  6. Adaptability: Many models offer programmable routines that can be tailored to specific needs and schedules. This ensures maximum cleaning efficiency.

  7. Reducing physical strain: Using a cleaning robot reduces the physical effort associated with traditional cleaning methods.

  8. Technological innovation: Cleaning robots often integrate advanced technologies such as sensors and artificial intelligence to detect obstacles and optimize cleaning.

  9. Long-term cost savings: Although the initial investment in a cleaning robot may be higher, you will save on cleaning supplies and staff costs in the long term.

  10. Improving Brand Image: Using modern technologies such as cleaning robots can strengthen the image of your company or facility as progressive and environmentally conscious.

The advantages of a cleaning robot

If you own or manage a restaurant, you know how much effort it can take to keep things clean and tidy. There are so many different areas and surfaces that all need regular cleaning. Of course, you also have to be one step ahead and think what will happen if something spills or smears.

The good news is: You can now relieve yourself of some of the work and concentrate on what is important - your guests - by using a restaurant cleaning robot.

These little helpers are able to clean almost any type of surface. They are programmable and can therefore be adapted to any area. Even if something spills or smears, this is not a problem for the robot. He just drives on and does his job.

Of course, you don't have to keep the robot running XNUMX/XNUMX. But you can program it to work nights when you and your team are off work. So the next morning you have a restaurant that is already clean and you can fully concentrate on your guests.

So if you are looking for a way to make your work in the restaurant easier and to have more time for the important things, then you should think about using a restaurant cleaning robot.

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