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New support in Doppio Gusto

BellaBot in the Doppio Gusto restaurant in Päffikon SZ

A new support for the Doppio Gusto restaurant

So that the employees in Restaurant Doppio Gusto in Pfäffikon, SZ to take a short breather during their shifts, we installed one at their place BellaBot for support.

With its large rooms, the Doppio Gusto restaurant is made for the service robot. A lot of space between the tables and threshold-free transitions made the installation very uncomplicated.

During the installation, the operations manager was always on hand and kept a very close eye on the Sebotics technicians. He was thus able to learn a lot about how to operate the service robot. After a short introduction, he was already able to use the BellaBot without any problems.

Enthusiasm - not only in the Doppio Gusto team

Not only the operations manager and his team were blown away by his newest employee. AFriends and family also couldn't wait long and visited the new employee on the very first day.

In the Doppio Gusto restaurant, the service robot BellaBot works primarily between the kitchen and the service staff. He delivers drinks and food and hands them over to the team to the guests. The employees then send the BellaBot back to the washing-up station with the dishes cleared.

After just a short time, the new employee was a fully-fledged team member. Now the employees at Doppio Gusto have more time for their guests and can thus establish better customer relationships. The heavy work like walking (or rolling) and towing is now done by the BellaBot.

We wish you a lot of fun with the new helper!

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