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Andulino: Installation of a BellaBot

Sebotics technicians installing the BellaBot service robot in the Andulino restaurant

Installation of the BellaBot at the Andulino restaurant

October 13, 2021 was an exciting day for the Restaurant Andulino in the Mall of Switzerland. Because on this day, one of the first service robots in Switzerland, the BellaBot, was successfully configured and installed. The entire staff and especially the General Manager, Jeyakumar Tiambiaiah, were over the moon with their newest teammate.

A milestone for the Andulino restaurant

The installation of the BellaBot "Mia", as it was dubbed by the staff, marked a milestone for the restaurant. In the future, the aim is to offer guests an even better and more interactive culinary experience. Right from the start, the employees were thoroughly instructed in the functions and possibilities of the service robot. This is to ensure that it is smoothly integrated into the operational process.

It was amazing to see the team open up and befriend "Mia" right from the start. Thus, the initial skepticism towards the BellaBot vanished. The employees soon recognized the added value that Mia brought to the daily processes.

First point of contact with the guest

The service robot was warmly welcomed by the guests on the first day. He impressed the restaurant visitors with his friendly manner and ability to take orders and pass them on to the kitchen quickly and precisely. Many guests took time to take photos with Mia. They shared this excitement on social media. This has brought additional attention and recognition to the Andulino restaurant.

Although "Mia" was a robot, she almost seemed to have a personality of her own. She moved effortlessly between the tables. She made sure that the guests felt comfortable and well taken care of. 

Over time, "Mia" not only became an integral part of the team, but also developed into a kind of mascot of the restaurant. The children were particularly fascinated by the friendly robot. They were happy when "Mia" told their jokes. This made the restaurant an even more attractive destination for families.

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Increased efficiency and happy guests: Mia impresses across the board

The positive response from guests and staff encouraged managing director Jeyakumar Tiambiaiah in his decision to include the BellaBot "Mia" in the team. The increase in efficiency in service and the enthusiastic response from customers led to an increased demand for reservations. The Andulino restaurant has become a real hotspot in the Mall of Switzerland.

As one of the pioneers in the Swiss gastronomy industry, which opted for innovative technologies and service robots early on, the Andulino restaurant also received media recognition. It has been featured in various news reports and magazines. 

In the months that followed, "Mia" was continuously developed and received regular updates. This is to hone their skills and provide guests with new, exciting interactions over and over again. Her presence in the restaurant became an integral part of the special charm of the Andulino experience.

Overall, the installation of the BellaBot "Mia" proved to be a resounding success for the Andulino restaurant. Not only was the efficiency in the service area increased, but the customer experience was also upgraded. "Mia" brought joy, curiosity and enthusiasm to the restaurant, which spread to the entire atmosphere.

Other restaurants in the area began considering similar technologies, but Restaurant Andulino remained proud to be among the first to take this bold step. The success story of "Mia" was a prime example of how the combination of traditional hospitality with innovative technology could result in a unique and unforgettable culinary journey for the guests.

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