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Hubertus Mountain Refugio supports with robots

Hotel Hubertus Mountain Refugio owner Marc Traubel with the service robot BellaBot from Sebotics

Hotel Hubertus Mountain Refugio supports employees with robots

Hotel Hubertus Mountain Refugio owner Marc Traubel with the service robot BellaBot from Sebotics

Marc Traubel, you are the third generation to run the Hubertus Mountain Refugio. With the service robot you bring a new wind into your hotel. How did you come up with the idea of ​​bringing a robot into your home?

I've been wondering for a long time how I can support my service team. My father, who is also the senior manager of the hotel, spoke to a friend at a conference who already had a service robot from Sebotics. After the successful test phase I wanted to try this device.

What tasks does the service robot take on in the Hubertus Mountain Refugio?

We use "Balu" to bring used dishes from the tables or from the service point to the dishwashing room. Since our seven rooms are very spacious, we can temporarily store the dishes on the robot and thus save ourselves many long walks. We can now serve larger tables with just one waiter, since "Balu" can serve many plates by himself. This gives us more time for the personal care of our guests. Of course, the service robot also gives the guests a lot of pleasure. Children especially love «Balu» and like to scratch him behind his ears.

Exterior view of Hubertus
Exterior view of Hubertus

How did your employees react to the new colleague?

Right from the start, we experienced a great deal of openness from our employees towards «Balu». Our employee, Bozana, was very skeptical at first. Today he has his favorite spot in her living room. "Our "Balu" is perfect!" she once told me with a smile. The other employees also enjoy working with their service robot. Laura emphasizes that Balu saves her a lot of walking. This gives her more time to spoil the guests.

You said that you tested the service robot first. What convinced you to buy during the test phase?

We miss the employees. In our hotel, the service staff have long ways to go. Thanks to the robot, the team was able to do their work better. The health of my employees is also very important to me. Thanks to "Balu" I can relieve her of the heavy carrying and the many steps. Of course, all employees were included in the decision.

Hotel Hubertus Mountain Refugio Allgäu surrounded by nature
Hotel Hubertus Mountain Refugio Allgäu surrounded by nature

Would you recommend your «Balu» to a colleague from the industry?

Naturally. The whole team enjoys working with «Balu». Everyone can feel the relief and that makes me very happy. Setup and installation went very quickly and smoothly. Even during the test phase and after the purchase, I kept receiving application tips from the Sebotics team by email. In addition to the satisfaction of the employees, it is also noticeable that the guests are also positively surprised when they see the robot. For us, the BellaBot is one thing above all: A great support for the service team and a real friend.

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