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Hotel Mountain Refugio Hubertus

Balderschwang, Germany

The Hotel HUBERTUS Mountain Refugio is located in the middle of the Allgäu mountains. Here mindfulness and a holistic feel-good and health concept with the power of nature are practiced and passed on to the guests. In this place of refuge, elegance and tranquillity, however, a completely different force has recently been at work: the service robot "Balu" supports the restaurant employees in the background.

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"We can now serve larger tables with just one waiter, since "Balu" can serve many plates by himself. This gives us more time for the personal care of our guests. Of course, the service robot also gives the guests a lot of pleasure. Children in particular love "Balu" and like to scratch him behind his ears."

Hotel Hubertus, Balderschwang DE
Marc Traubel, owner


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