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Successful test phase at Göbel's Hotel Rodenberg

BellaBot from Pudu Robotics with service staff at Göbel's Hotel Rodenberg

A successful test phase at Göbel's Hotel Rodenberg

Im Goebel's Hotel Rodenberg in Rotenburg an der Fulda, Germany, the manager and staff tested the service robot BellaBot in their restaurant. The installation itself was a complete success and met with great interest from both the staff and the guests. 

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Sebotics technicians spent a whole day programming the BellaBot. Thanks to good preparation and the very helpful staff on site, the installation could be completed very quickly. In this way, he can support the employees between the kitchen and the various restaurant areas. The employees then received an introduction to operating the robot. This also included one or two tricks from our technicians, such as using the smooth mode for drinks. 

BellaBot with a new name

It didn't take long for the new teammate to be given a name: Werner. After a short familiarization and practice period, the staff knew very quickly how to use the robot to support them. So he didn't even have to wait for his full probationary period until his boss decided to hire him for a full workload for an unlimited period. 

Always enough to do at Göbel's Hotel Rodenberg

Today, the service robot treats guests to small sweets every morning. In the afternoon "Werner" places his guests at their tables and in the evening he helps the service team clear the dishes.

We would like to thank the entire team at Göbel's Hotel Rodenberg and the management of the Göbel Hotels for the great cooperation and trust.

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