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Approx. 4.5h depending on the robot.

No, it is constantly being fed with new updates and extensions. The software is constantly being improved.

Yes, but the German voice control is currently still under development and will be improved. However, it is already partially operational and can also communicate with the guest. Here the WLAN network is required.

Yes, we also offer training for this or we will set up the new maps for you on site. (additional costs). 
Ask one of us from technical support to do this:
-> Support

Bellabot's map has a location constraint of 10.000 square meters and Kettybot's is 2.000 square meters.

Why this limit? This is due to RAM. memory limit.

Yes, the map can be expanded. With the map editor, the map can be easily enlarged or rescanned if any elements are new in the room.

It can happen that the robot "gets lost" due to a new, larger decoration in the room. So it makes sense to briefly rescan the map. 
However, the settings made are retained.

If you need help with this –> Support

Yes, there is an interface to the system that can be connected.

KettyBot and FlashBot charge themselves at a charging station as soon as they reach a critical status. BellaBot and HolaBot need to be plugged in with a cable.

Yes. We offer replacement batteries for the BellaBot and the HolaBot, which can be changed by the user himself. For the other robots, the batteries can only be replaced by the Sebotics technicians if their performance is weakening. Simply contact us.

Depending on the robot, different narrow traffic routes can be negotiated:

  • BellaBot: 80cm
  • KettyBot: 65cm
  • HolaBot: 80cm
  • FlashBot: 90cm

The updates are triggered remotely by Sebotics. In order to update the new software on the robot, this must be accepted on the display and the robot must be connected to the WiFi. As soon as your robot does this for the first time, we will contact you.

The BellaBot orients itself to the previously scanned room. Of course, obstacles such as shifted chairs or people can be identified and cleverly avoided. In order to send the robot from A to B, certain points are stored on the room plan that can be selected by the operator as a destination.

Properties / Usage

A tray e.g. the BellaBot can be loaded with approx. 10kg of material. The Holabot has an even higher carrying capacity. More details here:

A new map must be created for this and the table seats must be reconfigured on the map.

If the old table arrangement is then restored, care should be taken to ensure that they are placed in the same place again. Otherwise, we recommend creating the map fresh.

-> Support

No, unfortunately not. The robots are (still) only suitable for indoor use. Since the location is located using the laser slam system, the robot can move outdoors in sunlight

This can sometimes happen that the robot gets lost or loses its orientation.

But that's not a problem. Just put the robot back to the starting point and it will find its way again.

If this should happen several times, it can e.g. be due to large decorations being added or removed (e.g. Christmas trees). The robot does not have this on the map.

Solution: Quickly expand the map so that the decoration is on it.

We are happy to help with problems -> Support

This depends on the model:

This depends on the model:

This depends on the model:

The KettyBot and the FlashBot charge themselves at the charging station during short breaks. Although you have to charge BellaBot and HolaBot manually, you can purchase a replacement battery from us, which you can quickly and independently change. Please contact us.

Yes, our robots have the ability to talk to your customers with their AI. However, different robots are suitable for different needs. Our employee Christian will be happy to show you the possibilities of our products in one free consultation .

As soon as the robot is loaded, it can serve autonomously. However, he is dependent on the guests taking their dishes themselves from the shelves. The robot shows the guests which shelf their dish is on.

Yes. Of course, your Ruf device must be able to connect to the robot and you must be in a location on the map currently running on the robot. Then this is not a problem.

This differs greatly from robot to robot. Book in for detailed information and advice free talk with our employee Christian. He can provide you with a tailor-made answer to your individual needs.

If the robot notices a movement or an object that suddenly appears in front of it, it reacts within 0.2 seconds. In the event of an emergency stop, the robot flashes and must be pushed back to its starting point by an employee. From there he can reorient himself and go about his work again.

Thanks to the language pack, the robot can ask people to move out of the way for it. If this does not happen, the robot looks for a new path within the given map.

If the shelves have been selected correctly by the employee, the correct shelf will flash when the robot arrives at the guest. The tray number is also shown on the robot's display.

Glasses with a high center of gravity should not be transported by the robot. We also recommend using the "Smooth-Mode" for drinks to prevent spilling. We are currently working on a solution for transporting glasses with a high center of gravity.

The inserts are 23 cm, 20 cm, 20 cm, 18 cm high..

Yes, like this: Press Menu,
– music
– Upload music
– Scan the QR code with your mobile phone and upload your favorite music
– Assign the song to the respective modes under “Edit list”.
- Save on computer

The BellaBot can be used in a variety of ways and is still not suitable for every company. Before making a purchase, the buyer must be 100 percent convinced of the concept. This includes not only the will to work together among the employees, but also the circumstances in the company. High thresholds or too narrow seating can be an obstacle for the robot.


No, this should not happen. The bot has sensors everywhere and will stop immediately if something gets in its way.

If a human walked into the bot, it would stop immediately and make an emergency stop. 

A message appears on the display and flashes red. This is adjustable in the advanced settings.

Purchase / Conditions

Financing can be discussed with the seller without obligation.
-> book a conversation

Naturally. We offer different solutions for test phases. We would be happy to tell you more about this in a free initial consultation. 
-> book a conversation

The prices of our robots differ according to the model and the type of financing. Book a free consultation with our expert Christian. He will be happy to tell you more about our price offers.
-> book a conversation

Yes. It is recommended to include the robot in a public liability insurance. Of course, an accident with or by the robot is very unlikely. Nevertheless, one can never secure enough. To insure the robot against demolition by third parties, it is best to speak to your insurance advisor. For more detailed information, our employee Christian will be happy to give you information in a free consultation.
-> book a conversation

The robot is guaranteed for 1 year.

After (as well as before) the guarantee, it is advisable to insure the robot well. Talk to your insurance advisor about this.

We need photos of any hurdles (doorsteps, uneven ground,...), the table plan with numbers, a WiFi connection and a ramp for the delivery.

1 KWh costs about 18 centimes (Swiss standards). Our robots have an average battery capacity of 654.08 Wh, which results in around 10-15 centimes.

From the first contact to the installation for the test phase it takes about 2 weeks. It is important for Sebotics that the conditions in the operation are right and are clearly defined in advance. If the customer opts for the test phase, the robot can be delivered and installed within a few days. Depending on the size of the company, the installation takes 2 to 6 hours and includes a short training session for the buyer and the employees.

maintenance / care

Better not. The mats only withstand a temperature of approx. 85°.

The robot does not require regular maintenance. However, it is recommended that maintenance is carried out on a daily basis and that the robot is handled carefully every day. If desired, our technicians are happy to carry out a check-up and maintenance. Contact our for this Support.

It is best to clean the robot with a damp cloth. It is important that you never hose down the robot or clean it too wet. The rubber mats and individual parts of the robot do not belong in the dishwasher. Be sure to clean all parts by hand. From time to time it also makes sense to remove dust and dirt from the underside of the wheels. To do this, lay the robot very carefully on its side. Under no circumstances should you do this alone. Sebotics assumes no liability for this procedure.

The robots are water-repellent, but should not be hosed down. The sensors are sensitive.

social aspects

Of course there are companies that use the robot up to the guest and also let the guest interact with the BellaBot. However, the service robot is mainly used in the background: It acts between the kitchen and the service team, thus relieving the employees of distance and towing. At the guest, however, the service staff remains in the foreground.

This is a misconception. The service robot BellaBot is there to support the existing staff. This gives the service team more time for what is really important to hosts and waiters: the guests.

Naturally. Sebotics robots are fully mature and receive the latest updates every quarter. So you never have to worry about not having the most modern device. Certainly there are still many people who have a certain skepticism about robots. However, thanks to our experience, we at Sebotics know that this skepticism will disappear with a few words and a short interaction between human and robot.


With the free service robot configurator you can find out which robot is right for your company and receive a free offer for your individual requirements!
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