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A robot waiter in the middle of the city of Zurich

BellaBot at Hotel Valhalla

A robot waiter in the middle of the city of Zurich

A service robot is now helping out in the Walhalla Hotel at Zurich Main Station.

BellaBot at Hotel Valhalla

More time for hotel guests thanks to an innovation in the hotel industry. At the Walhalla Hotel Fred Tschanz Group have recently been using a service robot. This carries crockery and dishes from the kitchen to the restaurant area. This saves the staff a lot of walking and frees up time for the guests.

Novelty in the city of Zurich

While some Swiss catering establishments are already using a waiter robot in their restaurants and hotels, the Walhalla Hotel is the first in Zurich. The operator of the hotel, Fred Tschanz Gastgewerbe, previously tested two of the robots at their "The5" event. One of these so-called «BellaBots» will now continue to be used in the Hotel Walhalla.

support instead of replacement

The pillar-like machine with a digital face and small ears drives very quietly through the restaurant area of ​​the Walhalla Hotel. She is very skilful and skilfully avoids guests and employees. The robot is intended to support the existing staff and thus make everyday life easier. It is hoped that the waiter robot will lead to advances in health management and more time for the guests.

Only a few movements are required to use the device. The service staff places the dishes or dishes on one of the robot's shelves and selects the guests' table number on the display. With a sweet "Your order is on the way", "Bella" turns around and sets off.

Robot waiters: marketing or the future?

The surprise effect on the guests is very large. Many are delighted - especially children. But, can the robot really do more than just make you “wow”? According to the distributor "Sebotics" from Horw, definitely. Owner and managing director Thomas Holenstein reveals that there are currently several test phases running in Switzerland and that they receive new inquiries every day. The robot is particularly popular in companies with large distances between the kitchen and the service point.

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