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Scrubber 75

Scrubber 75

Sebotics outdoor and indoor cleaning robots

Welcome to the future of industrial cleaning technology! We proudly present the Scrubber 75, an outstanding autonomous floor scrubber of leading innovation. Designed to revolutionize cleaning large areas, the Scrubber 75 combines outstanding productivity with first-class sensors and intelligent functions. With its wide range of applications and a variety of innovative features, this cleaning robot is at the forefront of modern cleaning solutions. Immerse yourself in a world of efficiency and progress - the Scrubber 75 sets new standards for the cleaning industry.

Sebotics outdoor and indoor cleaning robots

The S50Pro cleaning robot makes work easier everywhere

rotating scrubbing deck

Achieve a thorough cleaning in the 90° corners so that any residue is completely removed.

Oil stain cleaning

The ability to mark oil stains on the map and carry out comprehensive cleaning of oil residue.

position light

By using flashing lights, blue projection lights and additional lights, the position of the machine is clearly and unambiguously signalled.

5-way filter system

Reducing fresh water consumption by around 80 percent. Also ecologically a huge added value

Manual mode

Mode with a stand-on pedal and steering wheel to allow the user to transport the machine effortlessly.

Minimal care

Workstation as an optional feature for self-docking for charging, water refilling and discharging.

How much does a Scrubber 75 Ecobot cost?

The complete price for the Scrubber 75 Ecobot varies depending on the size of the operation and the country in which it is located. In our company, unlike other providers, we offer intensive advice and setup of the robot. We don't just send the robot and leave it to the customer to set it up. We are convinced that the vacuum cleaner robot can only be used perfectly and its added value can be fully exploited once it has been professionally set up by us.

Of course, there are no hidden additional costs with us. We are transparent about costs and offer our customers a fair price for our services. If you are interested in a Scrubber 75, please feel free to contact us and we will create an individual offer. 

Efficient and Reliable: Maximize your cleaning productivity and coverage with the Scrubber 75.

The Scrubber 75 is an outstanding industrial robot that offers an ideal solution for large-scale and demanding cleaning tasks with its impressive brush pressure and an impressive cleaning performance of up to 3.000 ㎡/h. Its ability to scrub and sweep at the same time thanks to innovative roller brushes makes it a competent cleaner for industrial sites that are regularly faced with garbage and waste on the floor.

The 270° rotating scrub deck of the Scrubber 75 allows you to clean even the tightest corners efficiently and guarantees maximum cleaning performance. With the Scrubber 75, discover an intelligent and reliable solution to take your cleaning processes to a new level.

Highlighting Features:

  • Simultaneous scrubbing and sweeping: The Scrubber 75 efficiently handles the challenges of industrial sites by simultaneously scrubbing and sweeping with its innovative roller brushes.

  • 270° rotating scrub deck: Maximum flexibility when cleaning tight corners and hard-to-reach areas thanks to the 270° rotating scrub deck.

  • Up to 3.000 ㎡/h cleaning performance: The Scrubber 75 delivers impressive cleaning results with a performance of up to 3.000 ㎡/h to efficiently tackle even the largest areas.

Advanced sensor technology and lighting: the ideal solution for efficient parking garage cleaning

The Scrubber 75 P was specifically developed for the requirements of parking garage cleaning and offers advanced sensors and lighting for optimal performance. This autonomous scrubber uses vehicle-level sensors and lighting configurations to operate intelligently and safely in the dynamic environment of parking lots where a multitude of vehicles enter and exit.

Highlighting Features:

  • Cleaning oil stains: The Scrubber 75 P is equipped with a special oil cleaning mode that efficiently removes stubborn oil stains on parking lot floors.

  • Millimeter wave radars: By using millimeter wave radars, the Scrubber 75 P achieves a more precise and faster perception of the environment, resulting in intelligent navigation.

  • Advanced lighting configuration: The Scrubber 75 P's advanced lighting configuration ensures clear visibility and safe movement in the parking garage environment, contributing to efficient cleaning performance.

With the Scrubber 75 P, discover an advanced solution to easily overcome the challenges of parking garage cleaning while ensuring outstanding cleaning quality.

Scrubber 75 Ecobot cleaning robot automatic parking lot robot airport

Cleaning made easy: Maximize your efficiency with the Scrubber 75.

The Scrubber 75 revolutionizes the cleaning industry by significantly simplifying the work process and eliminating the need for human intervention. This innovative cleaning robot automatically detects changes in the environment, updates its map and adjusts its route in real time. This eliminates the need to constantly stand by to protect it from getting lost or getting stuck.

Highlighting Features:

Intelligent obstacle avoidance and rerouting: The Scrubber 75 impresses with intelligent obstacle avoidance, allowing it to effortlessly detect changes in its surroundings and reroute in real time.

Mobile app for remote control: With the mobile app you have full control of your cleaning robot from anywhere. Monitor and control your cleaning task conveniently using your smartphone.

Service workstation from a single source: The Scrubber 75 offers an optional workstation that allows you to recharge the power and refill water independently, thus further automating the entire cleaning process.

Experience a new era of effortless cleaning with the Scrubber 75, which is not only efficient but also permanently changes the way the cleaning industry works.

Properties at a glance:

Excellent productivity
Integration of scrubbing, sweeping, dusting and degreasing.
Up to 3.000 ㎡/h cleaning performance

First-class sensor technology
Market-leading sensor system: 3D LiDAR, 2D lasers, 3D cameras
Millimeter wave radar for faster and more accurate vehicle movement perception

270° rotating scrubbing deck
Cleaning 90° corners for complete cleaning

Cleaning oil stains
Marking oil stains in the map for thorough oil cleaning

Advanced lighting system (75P)
Flashing light, blue projection light and additional light for vehicle identifiable signals

5-stage filter system
Reduction of fresh water consumption by around 80%

Ergonomic manual mode
Stand-on pedal and steering wheel for effortless transport

Minimal human care
Optional workstation for self-docking charging, water refilling and discharging


Sebotics outdoor and indoor cleaning robots

Min. passable width

750 mm

Battery life

4 – 6 hours depending on the setting



cleaning performance

max. 3000 m²/h

Water tank clean

75 L

dimensions of the machine

96 cm wide, 137 cm long, 142 cm high


3° auto / 8° manual


max. 1.1 m/s, individually adjustable

Empty weight

400 kg

Brush pressure

45 kg


With the free service robot configurator you can find out which robot is right for your company and receive a free offer for your individual requirements!

Frequently asked questions about Scrubber 75


Question 1: What makes the Scrubber 75 unique?
Answer 1: The Scrubber 75 is characterized by its combination of advanced sensors, broad cleaning performance and intelligent functions, making it a unique and efficient industrial cleaning robot.

Question 2: What is the scrubbing width of the Scrubber 75?
Answer 2: The Scrubber 75 has an impressive scrubbing width of 750mm, making it ideal for cleaning large areas efficiently.

Question 3: Which sensors are integrated into the Scrubber 75?
Answer 3: The Scrubber 75 is equipped with more than 20 sensors including 3D LiDAR, 2D lasers, 3D cameras and millimeter wave radar for comprehensive environmental awareness.

Question 4: How high is the cleaning performance of the Scrubber 75?
Answer 4: The Scrubber 75 achieves an impressive cleaning performance of up to 3.000 ㎡/h, making it an extremely productive cleaning robot.

Question 5: What are the advantages of the 270° rotating scrubbing deck?
Answer 5: The 270° rotating scrub deck allows the Scrubber 75 to reach and clean 90° corners to ensure a complete and thorough clean.

Question 6: Can the Scrubber 75 clean oil stains?
Answer 6: Yes, the Scrubber 75 is capable of marking oil spots in the map and performing deep oil cleaning.

Question 7: What features does the 75 P model's advanced lighting system offer?
Answer 7: The 75P model's advanced lighting system features flashing lights, blue projection lights and auxiliary lights to clearly communicate the machine's position through vehicle-identifiable signals.

Question 8: How does the Scrubber 5's 75-stage filter system help?
Answer 8: The 5-stage filter system reduces fresh water consumption by around 80%, which is not only efficient but also environmentally friendly.

Question 9: Is there a manual mode for the Scrubber 75?
Answer 9: Yes, the Scrubber 75 is equipped with an ergonomic manual mode that allows the user to transport it effortlessly.

Question 10: How does the Scrubber 75 minimize human grooming?
Answer 10: The Scrubber 75 offers an optional workstation for self-docking charging, water refilling and discharging, reducing human care to a minimum.

Question 11: Can the Scrubber 75 scrub and sweep at the same time?
Answer 11: Yes, the Scrubber 75 allows simultaneous scrubbing and sweeping with its roller brushes, making it ideal for industrial sites where trash and waste frequently occur.

Question 12: How does the Scrubber 75 perform in dynamic parking lot environments?
Answer 12: The Scrubber 75 P is specifically designed for cleaning parking lots and uses vehicle-level sensors and lighting configurations to work smartly and safely in dynamic environments.

Question 13: Can the Scrubber 75 remove oil stains from parking lot floors?
Answer 13: Yes, the Scrubber 75 P has a special oil cleaning mode to remove stubborn oil stains on parking lot floors.

Question 14: How does the Scrubber 75 charge and refill water?
Answer 14: The Scrubber 75 can do this independently with its optional workstation, which further simplifies the work process.

Question 15: How can the Scrubber 75 be monitored and controlled?
Answer 15: The Scrubber 75 offers remote access via the mobile app, which allows the cleaning task to be monitored and controlled from anywhere.

How does the cooperation with Sebotics work?

Step 1: First conversation about your needs

The free service call is about giving us an insight into the situation and conditions in your company.

Our sales advisor is available to answer any questions you may have about the device. No matter whether you want general information or have very specific questions, our advisor knows the product. If you have already decided, the next steps will be clarified straight away. Of course we also give you time to think about it.


Step 2: What happens between conversation and delivery

Once you have decided on a robot, we only need a little information from you. 

We also take care of everything official like delivery and warranty. Then all that's missing is your appointment for the joint introduction of the robot


Step 3: On-site introduction

The aim of this introduction is clear: at the end of the day you will be familiar with all of the robot's functions. From now on you can work with the robot independently.


support phase

It is important to Sebotics that everything runs smoothly even after the handover. However, it is very important that we do not want to hide any costs here: after the handover you have all the important information and do not have to worry about hidden costs for updates or the like. If you have any questions or problems, you can of course always contact us. 

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