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Efficiency meets precision: The cleaning robot that keeps your business environment in top shape!


We at Sebotics would like to present the Cleanfix RA660 Navi L20 - the cleaning robot that takes your cleanliness and hygiene requirements to a new level. We are proud to bring you this efficient and affordable marvel of engineering.

The RA660 sat nav is ideal for anyone who values ​​impeccable cleanliness and impeccable hygiene. Thanks to its unique, patented navigation system and the combination of three cleaning brushes (or pads) and a suction unit, the RA660 Navi works independently and highly efficiently - exactly when you want it to.

• Experience optimized cleaning processes and enjoy the time savings.

• Trust in maximum cleanliness and hygiene, which the Cleanfix RA660 Navi guarantees.

• Benefit from cleaning that is up to 70% cheaper and protect your wallet.

Discover the Cleanfix RA660 Navi L20 now and see the outstanding performance of this cleaning robot for yourself. We look forward to introducing you to the Cleanfix brand and working with you to ensure a cleaner future.

High performance cleaning robots professional range


With the RA660 cleaning robot, Sebotics offers dry and wet cleaning of large areas for restaurants, hotels, industry and commerce.

 The cleaning machines are developed and built in Switzerland. 


Everywhere here, the RA660 makes cleaning easier

Industrial equipment

Wet pick-up of floors in industrial plants and factories. workload for everyone.

hotel entrances

No more dirty hotel entrances. Automatic cleaning plan of the different zones.

shopping mall

No time to clean the aisles of the shelves? Let the RA660 do it. Clean aisles are planned.


Hygienic cleanliness also in hospitals and hospitals. Clean aisles at the touch of a button.

Benefits with the RA660

Thanks to optimized cleaning processes, our RA660 enables maximum cleanliness and hygiene in your environment. Compared to conventional cleaning methods, you can save up to 70% on cleaning with our device. This not only makes cleaning more efficient and faster, but also more cost-effective. Rely on our cleaning device and convince yourself of the advantages of optimized cleaning processes.

Control of work via app

Cleaning robot RA660 from Cleanfix

Arbit width of the brushes
Fresh/waste water tank
45L /45L 
suction width
87 cm
Running time max.
up to 3h (depending on soil conditions)
cleaning speed
Weight including batteries
operating mode

Cleanfix ra660 charging station

With the larger RA660 XL
24/7 cleaning possible

Our optional docking station for the larger version (RA660 XL) enables autonomous 24/7 cleaning. So you can ensure that your environment stays clean and hygienic continuously, without you having to worry about it.

Interested? Just talk to us about the XL version!

Customized painting possible

RA660 in R2D2 design painted from the front
RA660 in R2D2 design painted from the side
RA660 painted in R2D2 design

Everything from a single source: Your all-round carefree package for the Cleanfix RA660 cleaning robot!

In addition to the Cleanfix RA660 cleaning robot, we also offer you a comprehensive range of spare and wear parts as well as optional additional parts for your RA660 cleaning robot. We want to make sure your RA660 stays in top condition and is by your side when it comes to cleaning large areas.

But that is not all! In order to make your cleaning process even more effective, we also offer you a selection of high-quality floor cleaning agents. These products have been specially developed to achieve optimal results in combination with the Cleanfix RA660 and to keep your premises in perfect condition.

With our wide range of spare parts, wearing parts and cleaning agents, we are your reliable partner for the care and maintenance of your Cleanfix RA660 cleaning robot. Trust in our expertise and let us work together to ensure a clean and shiny environment in your business.


With the free service robot configurator you can find out which robot is right for your company and receive a free offer for your individual requirements!

We are proud to offer you a wide range of advanced cleaning solutions for commercial use. 

In this comprehensive article you will find out what an industrial cleaning robot is, what advantages it offers, what disadvantages there can be and why you should choose one of our robots.

What is an industrial cleaning robot

An industrial cleaning robot is an automated device specially designed for cleaning industrial and commercial spaces. 

Packed with the latest technology to clean efficiently and effectively, these robots can handle a wide range of surfaces and environments including workshops, warehouses, factory floors and shopping malls. 

They are usually equipped with various sensors, cameras and navigation systems to autonomously explore their surroundings and avoid obstacles.

Advantages of industrial cleaning robots

  1. Efficiency: cleaning robots are able to clean large areas in a short time and they can work continuously without needing breaks. This results in faster and more effective cleaning compared to manual methods.

  2. Cost Savings: Although the initial cost of an industrial cleaning robot may seem high at first, the long-term efficiency and time savings result in significant cost savings for businesses.

  3. Safety: Cleaning robots reduce the risk of workplace accidents by cleaning dangerous or hard-to-reach areas that can be problematic for human workers.

  4. Quality and Consistency: Because cleaning robots are programmable and precise, they provide consistently high quality cleaning without human error.

  5. Eco-friendliness: Many cleaning robots are designed to use less water and detergent, making them more environmentally friendly than traditional cleaning methods.

Possible disadvantages of industrial cleaning robots

  1. High initial costs: The initial investment for an industrial cleaning robot can be a daunting factor for some companies.

  2. Maintenance and repair: As with any technological device, cleaning robots can also require maintenance and repairs, which can result in additional costs.

Why should you choose a Sebotics cleaning robot?

Our cleaning robots are state-of-the-art and offer outstanding performance, reliability and efficiency. At Sebotics we offer a wide range of models tailored to your specific needs and we always strive to find the best cleaning solutions for you. Book an appointment with our consultant now

Comparison between a conventional cleaning machine and an autonomous cleaning robot

Procedure: While traditional cleaning machines must be operated manually and rely on the skill and judgment of the operator, autonomous cleaning robots work independently and can easily operate without human intervention.

Efficiency: Autonomous cleaning robots are usually faster and more efficient than traditional cleaning machines because they work continuously and do not need breaks. They are also able to intelligently plan their routes to optimize the cleaning process.

Cost cutting: Although the initial cost of autonomous cleaning robots can be higher than traditional cleaning machines, their efficiency and time savings allow for significant cost savings in the long run. The reduced need for human labor and the lower operating costs can mean that the investment in a cleaning robot pays off quickly.

Safety: Compared to traditional cleaning machines, autonomous cleaning robots are safer because they minimize the risk of human error and can clean dangerous or hard-to-reach areas without compromising employee safety.

Quality and Consistency: Autonomous cleaning robots offer consistently high cleaning quality because they are precise and programmable, while traditional cleaning machines depend on the skill and diligence of the operator.

Environmental friendliness: Many autonomous cleaning robots use less water and detergent than traditional cleaning machines, making them more environmentally friendly and can reduce your company's carbon footprint.

In summary, an autonomous cleaning robot offers numerous advantages compared to a conventional cleaning machine, such as efficiency, cost savings, safety and environmental friendliness. Therefore, you should consider getting a Sebotics cleaning robot for your business to reap these benefits over the long term.

staff shortage? Discover the benefits of cleaning robots for your business

Staff shortages can be a real challenge for businesses, especially when it comes to cleaning. Fortunately, cleaning robots offer an innovative and practical solution to bridge the labor shortage while achieving excellent cleaning results.

  1. Time efficiency: cleaning robots are able to clean large areas in a short time and work continuously without needing breaks. This way, you can ensure your cleaning needs are met, even if you don't have enough staff on hand.

  2. Cost Savings: Although the initial cost of cleaning robots can be higher than traditional cleaning methods, their efficiency and time savings allow for significant cost savings over the long term. Because they require less human labor, you can reduce your company's operating costs.

  3. Consistent Quality: Cleaning robots are precise and programmable, which means they provide consistently high quality cleaning without depending on the skill and diligence of human workers.

  4. Flexibility: Cleaning robots can be used XNUMX/XNUMX, making them ideal to cover cleaning needs during busy periods or in the event of unforeseen staff shortages.

  5. Reduced risk: Since cleaning robots work autonomously, they reduce the risk of industrial accidents that can be attributed to human error. This leads to a safer working environment for everyone involved.

Considering the numerous advantages that cleaning robots offer, it is clear that they are an ideal solution for companies facing staff shortages. By investing in a cleaning robot, you can improve the efficiency and quality of your cleaning processes while saving time and money. So don't wait any longer - discover the benefits of cleaning robots for your business today!

Our cleaning robots for industry, gastronomy and hotels

We offer two main categories: our large cleaning robot RA660 for industry and large areas from Cleanfix and our smaller cleaning robot CC1 from Pudu Robotics, which was specially developed for the catering and hotel industry, it can of course also clean larger areas.

Our large cleaning robot is ideal for industrial applications and large areas such as warehouses, factory buildings, shopping centers and workshops. With its powerful cleaning technology, efficient navigation and long battery life, it is able to clean even large and complex environments quickly and thoroughly. Its robust construction and ability to handle different floor types and soiling make it the perfect choice for demanding industrial cleaning tasks.

The smaller one cleaning robot is specially tailored to the needs of the catering and hotel industry. It is ideal for cleaning restaurants, bars, hotel lobbies, hallways and rooms. Its compact design allows it to move easily in tight spaces and clean under furniture. Despite its small size, it offers impressive cleaning performance and can handle a wide variety of surfaces and dirt types. With its quiet operation and the ability to work autonomously or at scheduled times, it ensures guests and employees are not disturbed.

Whether you are looking for a cleaning robot for industry, gastronomy or the hotel industry, at Sebotics you will find the perfect solution to meet your cleaning needs efficiently and effectively. Our robots are equipped with the latest technology and offer outstanding performance, reliability and ease of use. Discover our versatile cleaning robots today and see how they can revolutionize cleaning in your company!

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