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Cadebot L100

Cadebot L100

The all-rounder and all-rounder

Cadebot Sebotics

Discover the all-rounder robot of the future: The Cadebot L100

The Cadebot L100 is not just a robot - it is a revolutionary all-rounder that is a true sensation in the catering and event management sectors. With capabilities ranging from advertising display and food serving to seamless table clearing and interactive entertainment for your guests, the Cadebot is the ultimate pioneer of gastronomic innovation.

The Cadebot makes work easier here


Enables the delivery of dishes, dishes, towels and other accessories in restaurants and hotels.

waiting room

Welcomes visitors to offices and service providers. Delivers snacks, drinks and other services.

Exhibition and catering

Delivers drinks, snacks and information documents to the guests and to the exhibition stands. Interacts with customers.


The huge advertising screen makes digital signage child's play. Generate attention and upsalate.


The Cadebot L100 will be a hit at your event. Amaze your customers and new customers to generate more attention.


Cadebot L100 can be used universally. With its many modes, it will become an indispensable helper in your business.

shopping mall

Serves buyers with flyers and site plans. Offers small appetizers and shows promotions, events and more with the large display.

Cadebot Sebotic Allround Robot multiple robots on one card

Incomparable technology

Surprising mobility

Professional serving, moving and placing.

Individual advertising

With the help of a user-friendly program, you can easily display advertising on the Cadebot.

Welcome and escort

Accompany your guests directly to the table.

AI voice control

Cadebot answers your questions.

Multiple serving mode

Delivers drinks and food to multiple tables at the same time.

Automatic recharge

Cadebot recharges itself without help Charging Station .

Exceptionally ordinary

The Cadebot always finds its way to its destination. Obstacles are simply avoided using a different route.

Shelf freedom

The Cadebot L100 differs here with a clear and very sensible difference compared to other models.
Because the shelves are not additionally covered from behind, service can be set up even more easily.
10 kg per tray Capacity.

Cadebot shelves open at the back Sebotics
Cadebot Advertising Screen Full HD Promotion Sebotics

FHD advertising screen

Here too, the Cadebot L100 scores points with its 21,5″ Full HD advertising screen.
With the sharp resolution, you can achieve the eye-catcher you want with your layouts.

FHD advertising screen

Here too, the Cadebot scores points with its 21,5″ Full HD advertising screen.
With the sharp resolution, you can achieve the eye-catcher you want with your layouts.

Cadebot Advertising Screen Full HD Promotion Sebotics

Dynamic orientation

Unlike other models, the Cadebot L100 always finds a way. Thanks to the new technology to find alternative routes, barrier-free orientation is possible here.
If something gets in the way, he will find another way.

The all-rounder Cadebot L100 and its capabilities

Cadebot Sebotic all-round robot (6)


Interaction that you have never experienced before. Unique face design. Give it a cuddle!

Cadebot Sebotic all-round robot substructure suspension

Optimum driving fun

Solid design of the suspension allows for a clean process during the work process.

Cadebot Sebotic all-round robot substructure suspension shock absorber

Hydraulic System

With several wheels and a sophisticated suspension, the Cadebot overcomes even small obstacles effortlessly.

Cadebot Sebotic all-round robot robot

Intelligent color display

The 18,5-inch advertising screen can display advertising materials in the individual zone, offering a more eye-catching marketing approach.

Cadebot Sebotic all-round robot all-rounder accessories cup holder box box trays


More versatile than ever before. Also available with a box, drink holder, box etc.


Skillfully avoid every obstacle and find the best way to get to your destination.

Multiple robots

Set priorities and let the delivering robot go first.
Best collaboration with multiple Cadebots.

Multiple robots

Set priorities and let the delivering robot go first.
Best collaboration with multiple Cadebots.


No more problems with position detection. 
Lidar scans at the back and front. 
Marker orientation is also possible, but not mandatory.

Official distributor in the DACH region of Cadebot

As an official distributor for the DACH region, we are proud to bring the Cadebot to you.
Order the Cadebot only from us and receive suitable conditions.
With us you have a strong partner who knows his stuff.

Official Badge Distributor Sebotics Cadebot Partner

Interested? Or any more questions?

You can also come and see the Cadebot here in Horw, near Lucerne, and let us convince you. 
We deliver throughout Switzerland, Germany and Austria and offer first-class service.

Would you like to see the Cadebot L100 in your company? Book a test phase with us. We will bring and install the Cadebot L100 to you. 
If you are satisfied, the rent will be deducted from the purchase price.

Cadebot Sebotic all-round robot mass

dimensions of the machine

Tray size

weight of the robot

Materials of the machine


Battery life


passage width

ad display dimensions

Loading capacity

551 * 484 * 1265 mm

426 x 398 mm

55 kg

Aerospace grade ABS/Aluminium alloy

4.5h (including charging station)

> 8pm – 12pm

Speed: 0,3-0,8m/s Tilt Angle: ≤ 5°



10 kg per tray

Cadebot Sebotic all-round robot mass
mass of the machine551 * 484 * 1265 mm
Tray size426 x 398 mm
weight of the robot55 kg
Loading capacity10 kg per tray
charging4.5 hours
Battery life>8h – 12h
speed0,3-0,8m/s (adjustable)
tilt angle≤ 5 °
location proceduresMarker location: Supports up to 5 m room height
(optional high priority code)
laser location
Ad display dimension21.5 "FHD


With the free service robot configurator you can find out which robot is right for your company and receive a free offer for your individual requirements!

Cadebot L100 FAQs

  1. What is the Cadebot L100?
    The Cadebot L100 is a versatile service robot that is used in the catering industry and event management. It offers functions such as advertising display, serving, clearing and interactive entertainment.

  2. In which areas can the Cadebot L100 be used?
    The Cadebot is suitable for catering, waiting areas, trade fairs and catering events, advertising purposes and events.

  3. How is the Cadebot L100 different from other models like the Bellabot?
    The Cadebot L100 offers shelf freedom, which means that the shelves are not covered from behind. This allows for easier service.

  4. What is the load capacity of the Cadebot L100?
    The Cadebot can hold up to 10 kg per shelf.

  5. Does the Cadebot L100 have an advertising screen?
    Yes, it has a 21,5-inch Full HD advertising screen that can be used for eye-catching advertising displays.

  6. How does the Cadebot L100's navigation compare to other robots like the Bellabot? The Cadebot L100 uses advanced technology for dynamic orientation and can find alternative routes to avoid obstacles.

  7. What serving modes does the Cadebot L100 offer?
    It has a multi-serve mode that allows it to deliver to multiple tables at the same time.

  8. How does the Cadebot L100 interact with guests?
    The Cadebot can greet guests, accompany them to tables and answer questions thanks to its AI voice control.

  9. How does the Cadebot L100 charge its battery?
    The robot has automatic recharging and can recharge itself at the charging station.

  10. What technical specifications does the Cadebot L100 have?
    It has a size of 551x484x1265 mm, weighs 55 kg, and its battery life is over 8 hours.

  11. Can the Cadebot L100 work in a multi-robot environment?
    Yes, it can set priorities and work efficiently with other Cadebots L100.

  12. How is the Cadebot L100 oriented and navigated?
    The Cadebot uses lidar to determine position and can avoid obstacles to find the best path to the target.

  13. What upgrades are available for the Cadebot L100?
    It is highly customizable and can be equipped with accessories such as a box, cup holders and other modifications. By the way, the Cadebot is constantly being developed and improved. Even in its current condition, it outperforms competing products.

  14. Can the Cadebot L100 be booked for test phases?
    Yes, it is possible to book a test phase, whereby the rent will be deducted from the purchase price if you are satisfied.

  15. Where can I see and try out the Cadebot L100 in person?
    Anyone interested can view the Cadebot L100 in Horw, near Lucerne, Switzerland, and see its capabilities for themselves.

  16. BellaBot or Cadebot?
    We will only recommend the right robot to you after an inspection or assessment of your company. 
    Both have their advantages and disadvantages.
  17. Birthday mode also available on the Cadebot L100?
    Naturally! The popular birthday mode is also available on Cadebot. You can also upload a video to play on your birthday.
  18. Can you pet the Cadebot too?
    Sure, of course! Nothing is missing here either. Pet Cadebot. He likes it very much.
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