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AquaDisc 50Pro

AquaDisc 50Pro

Wet and dry cleaning robots with the new Discbrush technology

Aquadisc 50Pro with emptying station and water inlet_transparent

The AquaDisc 50Pro from Sebotics: cleaning technology at the highest level, now exclusively available in Switzerland.

This state-of-the-art cleaning device, designed with advanced technology and precise performance, offers a comprehensive solution to your home's cleaning needs. With its Swiss version, Sebotics brings unique innovations into your everyday life that are specifically tailored to the needs of Swiss households.

The AquaDisc 50Pro cleaning robot makes work easier everywhere.

office buildings

Vacuum cleaning of office and other premises. No more crumbs on the floor.

Industrial equipment

Wet pick-up of floors in industrial plants and factories. workload for everyone.

hotel entrances

No more dirty hotel entrances. Automatic cleaning plan of the different zones.


Something more than a conventional vacuum cleaner robot. Vacuum cleaning and wet pick-up in one.

shopping mall

No time to clean the aisles of the shelves? Let J40 do it. Clean corridors on planning.


Hygienic cleanliness also in hospitals and hospitals. Clean aisles at the touch of a button.


Picking up wet soil with the AquaDisc 50Pro is child's play. Put up the chairs and go home. The cleaning robot does the rest for you.

Workstation with disc brush cleaning

Independent cleaning of the disc brush after floor cleaning. 
No spreading of dirt like with conventional mopping robots.
People really clean and clean here!

Thanks to the automatic cleaning function, which is absolutely unique here, your floor will definitely be clean.

The robot with disc brushes

Dual rotating mops with lifting system:
Perfect for hard floors, the mops rotate at 180 rpm under 10N pressure to thoroughly scrub floors. For carpets, the mop automatically raises to prevent moisture damage.

Versatile multi-directional brush:
Dynamically adapts to different floor surfaces and ensures efficient cleaning of carpets and hard floors.

  1. Intelligent Obstacle Avoidance: The AquaDisc 50Pro independently detects and avoids obstacles, adapts cleaning strategies and generates efficient cleaning paths.

  2. All-in-one docking station: The multifunctional base allows the robot to automatically empty dust containers, fill water tanks and clean and dry mop heads.

  3. 86mm Ultra-Slim Design: Access tighter spaces and a larger cleaning area thanks to advanced navigation and compact design.

Reinvented the wheel!

Ultra slim design

8,6 cm height
Thanks to the hidden lidar scanner, which is not unnecessarily on the robot but below the lid, the AquaDisc 50Pro is able to crawl under even the narrowest objects and clean them.

Ultra slim design

incredible 9 + 1 all in one cleaning miracles.

  • Disc (mop) self-cleaning
  • self-draining
  • Sterilization
  • Mop drying
  • Water filling system
  • Automatic OTA (update)
  • Self-filling cleaning solution
  • childlock
  • Mobile station
  • Automatic water and wastewater emptying
  • and much more

Control via APP

Mobile phone APP
Easily control and monitor the robot using the APP on your phone.

Battery life

3-4 hours depending on the setting



cleaning performance

max. 250 m²/h | 6k P

Water tank


Water tank station

4 L

Sewage tank station

4 L

mass of the machine

33 cm wide, 33 cm long, 8,6 cm high

Mass of the workstation

40 cm wide, 27 cm long, 40 cm high


max. 0.7 m/s, individually adjustable


With the free service robot configurator you can find out which robot is right for your company and receive a free offer for your individual requirements!

How to use a cleaning robot correctly

Selecting the right AquaDisc 50Pro cleaning robot is a critical factor for efficient and effective cleanliness in your restaurant. It is very important to choose a model that not only fits the needs of your restaurant in terms of size but also in terms of its functions. Our subject matter experts are ready to advise you on selecting the AquaDisc 50Pro that best suits your needs. For example, a special version of the AquaDisc 50Pro could be the ideal choice for larger restaurant areas.

Configuring the AquaDisc 50Pro is about more than just setting cleaning cycles. It is also crucial to program the robot to clean hard-to-reach areas with ease. An outstanding advantage of the AquaDisc 50Pro is its flexible handling. It allows you to switch between different cleaning modes without having to laboriously reconfigure the device. This saves time and increases the efficiency of using robots in your restaurant. Our professional team of advisors will be happy to support you in optimally setting up your AquaDisc 50Pro to achieve excellent cleaning results.

Good reasons for an AquaDisc 50Pro for your business or household

1. What makes the AquaDisc 50Pro different from other cleaning robots?
The AquaDisc 50Pro is characterized by its dual rotating mops, intelligent obstacle avoidance and its multifunctional all-in-one docking station.

2. Is the AquaDisc 50Pro suitable for all types of soil?
Yes, it is designed for both hard floors and carpets and automatically adapts to the respective surface.

3. How does the All-In-One docking station work?
After cleaning, the robot returns to the station where it automatically empties the dust container, refills the water tank and cleans and dries the mop head.

4. Can the AquaDisc 50Pro clean under furniture?
Yes, its ultra-slim design means it can fit under most furniture.

5. How long does the AquaDisc 50Pro battery last?
The robot has a battery life of up to 2 hours.

6. Is the AquaDisc 50Pro compatible with WiFi?
Yes, it supports 2,4GHz WiFi, an internet connection is required to use the app and firmware updates.

7. What maintenance does the AquaDisc 50Pro require?
Regular cleaning and replacement of consumables are recommended. Details can be found in the app.

8. How loud is the AquaDisc 50Pro when cleaning?
The noise level is <=65dB in standard suction mode.

9. Can I use detergent in the water tank?
Yes, but only use cleaning products provided by Sebotics.

10. How does the AquaDisc 50Pro avoid obstacles?
It uses advanced sensors to detect and avoid obstacles.

11. Is the AquaDisc 50Pro suitable for use in Switzerland?
Yes, it is specially designed for the Swiss market needs and is available exclusively from Sebotics in Switzerland.

The advantages of a cleaning robot

If you own or manage a restaurant, then you know how much of a hassle it can be to keep everything clean and tidy. There are so many different areas and surfaces that all need to be cleaned regularly. Of course, you also have to stay one step ahead and think about what will happen if something spills or smudges.

The good news is: You can now relieve yourself of some of the work and concentrate on what is important - your guests - by using a restaurant cleaning robot.

These little helpers are able to clean almost any type of surface. They are programmable and can therefore be adapted to any area. Even if something spills or smears, this is not a problem for the robot. He just drives on and does his job.

Of course, you don't have to keep the robot running XNUMX/XNUMX. But you can program it to work nights when you and your team are off work. So the next morning you have a restaurant that is already clean and you can fully concentrate on your guests.

So if you are looking for a way to make your work in the restaurant easier and to have more time for the important things, then you should think about using a restaurant cleaning robot.

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