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Terms and conditions

The general terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as GTC) apply to the all business transactions between customers (hereinafter referred to as customers) and Sebotics; ReWorks GmbH (hereinafter referred to as Sebotics) and its activities.
II. Deviating agreements are only valid if they are made by Sebotics written have been confirmed. This also applies in particular to agreements made by our employees or representatives.
III. The rental and purchase conditions of Sebotics apply exclusively. Other terms and conditions of the customer do not apply.
IV. Offers from Sebotics are not binding unless expressly stated as such. 
V. The contractual relationship with the customer comes about with the reservation or the order.
VI.The personal data provided during the ordering process can be stored indefinitely. Customers can request the deletion of their data.

2. Dispatch, delivery and handover of the devices
I. Danger and risk are transferred to the customer when the goods are handed over to the transport company or the customer.
II. Any transport damage must be paid for by the customer right awaycomplained about to the transport company.
III. When picking up the goods without a request is a valid identification cardto submit.
IV. Sebotics has the right to request a deposit when the goods are handed over. The agreed deposit will be repaid upon return, deducting any defects in the devices or surcharges for late return. However, the customer's liability is in no way limited to the amount of the deposit.
V. If the customer refrains from checking the purchased and rented items or goods when they are handed over, he acknowledges the functional test by Sebotics. Defects can only be objected to subsequently if Sebotics has given its written consent. 
VI. Sebotics assumes no liability for defects and failures of rented and purchased devices or damage caused by them during events. If the customer discovers damage, malfunctions and other defects in rental and purchase equipment, he must report this to Sebotics immediately. The customer is prohibited from modifying or opening the device. The customer is not entitled to an on-call service by Sebotics. 
VII. The collection date is noted on the invoice and must be strictly observed. Otherwise, Sebotics reserves the right to cancel the reservation without any further obligations. 
VIII. The rental price is for the rental of the rental objects without any additional service. 

Ownership and return of the rented goods
I. Rental items with all accessories remain the property of Sebotics. Liability during the rental period, i.e. from the time the goods leave the warehouse to the time they arrive at the warehouse, lies entirely with the customer. Sale, pledging, modification or sale of the rental items by the customer are prohibited. Any subletting must be reported to Sebotics in advance. 
II. If the tenant waives the Participation in the inventory andtechnical control of the devices when they are returned, the lessee acknowledges the inventory and list of defects prepared by Sebotics.
III. The return must be made by the customer on the agreed date and time, these are noted on the invoice as the return date.
IV. If the customer returns more than 30 minutes late, the customer can be held liable for the failure of further rentals and reservations. The customer is responsible for expenses incurred as a result of a delayed return, such as procurement of a replacement or claims for damages by third parties. In the event of such delays, Sebotics reserves the right to postpone the return date and to charge the weekly rent again. In addition, a handling fee of at least CHF 30.00 can be charged. 
V. If the rented goods are not returned within 2 weeks after the agreed return date at a return date and place proposed by Sebotics, the customer will be billed for the entire rented material at the occasional prices set by Sebotics. 
VI. Early returns will not be credited unless otherwise agreed.
VII. The rental items must be returned in perfect condition. Expenses for cleaning, repairing and replacing rented items that are returned soiled or damaged or lost will be charged to the renter at the restoration or replacement price. The replacement price results from the purchase price, which also includes time, shipping costs, customs duties and other expenses for the replacement device.

insurance and liability
I. The rental and purchase devices including accessories are not insured. Insuring, in particular against damage caused by fire, water and theft as well as natural hazards, is the responsibility of the customer. 
II. If a rented or purchased item is stolen or lost, the customer is obliged to report the matter and to inform us immediately. 
III. The customer bears the liability for any damage caused to and from the rented or purchased equipment. This also applies to the transport time and damage caused by incorrect installation, connection or operation. The customer bears the user risk. 
IV. When renting or purchasing equipment, the customer must comply with all applicable safety guidelines. Sebotics fully rejects claims for damages by the lessee or third parties as a result of improper use or installation. Even in the case of slightly negligent violation of the customer's obligations with regard to the law and our services, are excluded.
V. The customer is responsible for reporting obligations and obtaining permits. 
VI. Sebotics disclaims liability for indirect damage and consequential damage. In particular, the customer has no right to compensation as a result of loss of use, loss of orders, lost profit or loss of production. 

Advice and reservations
I. The advice given by Sebotics is given to the best of our knowledge and belief. Errors, price changes and misunderstandings are expressly reserved, liability in this regard is excluded. 
II. Sebotics undertakes to make reserved devices available on the agreed date if possible. Failures are expressly reserved, for example because devices are being repaired or were not returned in time by the previous tenant. The availability of reserved devices can be limited in particular due to the late return of other customers, late delivery of orders and technical defects. Sebotics cannot be held liable for loss or failure of reserved devices.
III. Sebotics is permitted to withdraw from offers, reservations and other contracts with the customer, particularly in the event of circumstances affecting the customer's creditworthiness or a fundamental error. 
IV. Reservations and rental orders that are not canceled by phone or email at least 72 hours before the pick-up date will be charged to the customer for half (50%) of the rental amount. In the event of unannounced absence from the collection date, we must invoice the entire rental sum.

6. Customer Due Diligence
I. Our devices may only be operated by persons of legal age who are capable of acting. 
II. The verbal and written instructions, especially in the instructions for use, must be followed.
III. The devices may only be used as intended.
IV. Our devices are not approved for use outside of the home, except for devices that are explicitly approved for this purpose. In the event of damage, the guarantee expires.
V. The customer grants Sebotics employees access to the rented devices free of charge and at any time. 

Payment and reminder, debt collection
I. In the case of pick-up customers, payment is made in cash or according to a written agreement. A receipt will be issued upon request. 
II. Sebotics reserves the right to engage collection agencies in the event of default of payment and to pass on personal data and information. 
III. Claims by Sebotics may not be offset against counterclaims by the customer 

I. Sebotics is permitted to place advertisements of a reasonable size on the devices. The customer is prohibited from removing logos or lettering on the devices. 
II. Sebotics may advertise at events with flyers and banners unless the customer has expressly prohibited this. 
III. Sebotics may refer to customer events as a reference, in particular on Facebook or on the website, unless the customer expressly prohibits this. 

Additional Services 
I. Sebotics does not provide an on-call service or continuous telephone support. Any additional assignments will be charged at cost. 
II. If Sebotics has been commissioned with the installation, programming and/or dismantling of the devices, the customer must provide food and drink. Costs for overnight stays, meals, travel and other expenses will be charged.
III. Sebotics assumes no liability for delays in installation, programming and/or dismantling.
IV. Guaranteed assistants must be available at the agreed time and place, otherwise the customer will be charged for the additional effort by Sebotics. 
V. The insurance of the assistants is the responsibility of the customer. You are not insured by Sebotics. Sebotics is not liable for any damage resulting from the use of unskilled workers. 
VI. The customer agrees that Sebotics may assign and outsource orders to partner companies. The customer's data and information about the event may be passed on to the partner company.

10. Additional Terms of Sale
I. New goods have a guarantee of 12 months, this guarantee being determined by the guarantee provisions of the Sebotics suppliers. The customer has no further warranty claim against Sebotics. This warranty is excluded for defects for which Sebotics suppliers are not responsible. In particular, these are defects that result from improper or inappropriate use, natural wear and tear, transport damage, modification, non-observance of the instructions for use and regulations, insufficient maintenance, own repair attempts or force majeure. Second-hand devices and demonstration models have a guarantee of 6 months, unless otherwise specified.

II Repairs under warranty
Repairs are carried out exclusively on the basis of these Sebotics General Terms and Conditions, unless otherwise expressly agreed in writing.

access route and costs
The customer bears the costs for the journey of our technician to the repair location. The amount of the travel costs is based on our current price list and will be announced in advance on request.

2.1. Guarantee services in connection with the repairs carried out are carried out according to the conditions specified in the individual contract conditions or offers.

2.2. The customer is obliged to submit all necessary documents, such as the repair report or the invoice, in the event of a claim under the guarantee.

2.3. Warranty services relate exclusively to repairs carried out by us and do not cover any damage caused by improper handling, third-party intervention or other circumstances for which we are not responsible.

2.4. Any warranty service is subject to verification by our company and can be granted at our own discretion.

3.1. Our company is not liable for any damage caused by the customer or third parties during or after the repair work, unless such damage is due to gross negligence or intent on the part of our company.

3.2. Liability for consequential damage or loss of profit is excluded to the extent permitted by law.

Sebotics is not liable for delays in delivery. 
III. Returns for repairs, warranty cases and sample goods must be sent to Sebotics at your own expense. Goods are only taken back, repaired and exchanged in exceptional cases and after prior consultation. 
IV. Ownership is only transferred to the buyer after full payment has been made. 
V. Sebotics reserves the right to deliver against advance payment. 
VI. After oral or written (also by e-mail) receipt of the order, the purchase contract is considered binding. 
VII. Defects must be reported by the buyer within 7 days of receipt, after which the delivery is deemed to be in perfect condition. 
VIII. The buyer bears the danger and risk of transport damage. 
IX. Most of the devices sold are foreign makes. They may only be operated via a residual current circuit breaker. Sebotics accepts no liability whatsoever for damage caused by improper installation or use of our devices. 

Further instructions
I. All business relationships are exclusively subject to Swiss law. The place of jurisdiction for both parties is Lucerne.
II. Sebotics reserves the right to make product and price changes.
III. For cases not regulated in these GTC, further agreements with Sebotics and the Swiss OR apply. 
IV. The customer will be held fully accountable for any damage caused by non-compliance with these GTC or other obligations, by not observing the instructions in the operating instructions or by improper use or negligent installation.
V. Invalid provisions in these terms and conditions are to be replaced by effective ones that most closely correspond to the intended purpose. This does not affect the effectiveness of the remaining provisions of the General Terms and Conditions.

These terms and conditions come into force on January 01.01.2023st, XNUMX and replace previous conditions.

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