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When the future climbs the mountains: The revolution through service robots

Service robot BellaBot in the restaurant of the new Stoos Lodge

When the future climbs the mountains: The revolution through service robots

In a world where technological advances are unstoppable, the idyllic mountain regions have now also experienced an impressive transformation. Robotization, once an issue of cities, has found its way into the remote and quiet mountain landscapes. How service robots enrich the experience in the mountains and why this development is not only exciting but also extremely positive:

A robot in a mountain pub? Yes, and yes!

Robots and mountain restaurants – for many people this combination may seem unusual at first. But at a time when qualified personnel in the catering industry are becoming increasingly scarce, service robots open up new possibilities. They can serve as support, especially in remote mountain regions. 

By highlighting the adaptability of these robots – be it through alpine-style branding, playing yodeling tunes or assisting with service – we show that they are not only a practical but also a charming addition. These robots do not contradict traditional mountain culture, but complement it with their efficiency and their ability to relieve the burden on staff. They help to preserve the unique experience of a mountain restaurant. They ensure that guests can focus on what’s important: the stunning surroundings and delicious local cuisine.

With real examples and insights, we show that integrating robotic technology into mountain restaurants is not only feasible, but also desirable. It is a step towards a future in which tradition and technology go hand in hand. This means that the guest and the operator can be offered an optimal experience.

Robots on the Glaubeberg - Cadebot in the Gfellen mountain restaurant

The Gfellen mountain restaurant recently got one Cadebot L100 introduced, which is a prime example of the adaptability of robotic technology in traditional environments. This robot shows how technology can help improve the visitor experience at mountain restaurants.
The Cadebot L100 helps Josef to master his daily service and offers the team a huge amount of support.

Ski and gastronomy – Sunstar Grindelwald

The use of service robots has also become possible in Grindelwald. At the Hotel Sunstar Grindelwald we provide a lot of support every day and especially help with clearing away the huge mountains of dishes at breakfast. 
A big relief for all service employees.

The robot as host – Hotel Hubertus

Im Hotel Hubertus The use of robots to improve the guest experience is already being successfully practiced. These modern helpers offer a unique service, from greeting guests to assisting with day-to-day operations. They combine traditional hospitality with the latest technology, creating an unforgettable experience.

Hotel Hubertus Mountain Refugio owner Marc Traubel with the service robot BellaBot from Sebotics
Innovation at new heights – Stoos Lodge

The Stoos Lodge shows how robots can be used in the hotel industry even in demanding environments. Here, the robots work hand in hand with the human staff to ensure a smooth process and exceptional service that complements the natural beauty of the mountains.

Service robot BellaBot in the restaurant of the new Stoos Lodge
In the middle of the ski area – Silvretta Montafon gastronomy

At the nuclear Silvretta Montafon gastronomy It becomes clear that robots also play an important role in the heart of the ski area.
They support kitchen and service staff, improve efficiency and allow guests to fully concentrate on the dining experience.
The service now has more time to take care of the hungry skiers. 

Silvretta Montafon Nova Stoba with service robot BellaBot

The integration of service robots in mountain regions is more than just a technological advance; it is a step towards a harmonious fusion of tradition and modernity. Not only do these robots improve efficiency and customer experience, but they also show that technology can find a place in any environment - even the mountains.


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