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Mountain air, panorama and robotics on the Winterberg

Panorama Restaurant and Café Winterberg

Mountain air, panorama and robotics on the Winterberg

With the first rays of sun on the Winterberg not only does a new day begin, but also an exciting combination of mountain air, breathtaking panoramic views and a touch of technology. The team from Panorama restaurant and café is ready early in the morning to prepare the delicious “gourmet breakfast” for her guests. A new robot helps with this, enhancing the magic on the Winterberg with its modern technology.

Management Panorama Restaurant and Café and Sales Sebotics with PuduBot 2

The Panorama Restaurant and Café invites you to admire the majestic mountain backdrop of the Winterberg, be it on the panoramic terrace under the warm sun or during the cold season by the blazing fireplace, which underlines the cosiness of the place. But recently, in addition to the beautiful view and comfort, something else has caught the eye: a robot that monitors the service staff every step of the way. It is loaded with all sorts of things: delicacies from the kitchen and hot drinks for the guests.

However, upon closer inspection it becomes clear that the robot never approaches the guest directly, but is accompanied by a team member. For example, he takes over the delivery of food, drinks or dishes from the kitchen. This means that large orders can be delivered to tables at the same time without the staff having to walk back and forth from the kitchen to the dining room 2-3 times. The Delivery robot PuduBot 2 has a load capacity of up to 40 kilograms - so a lot can be packed on it. Of course, he also actively helps with the clearing up. The PuduBot 2 takes over shift work in the dishwashing room. This means that the other team members can stay with the guests and save themselves the long walk to the kitchen, because the pedometer is already high enough at the end of the day.

From a logistical perspective, it’s a win-win situation for everyone

The culinary experience with the breathtaking view can therefore be guaranteed throughout. «Our core business is to offer our guests a wonderful and lasting stay. By using the delivery robot, we are once again one step closer and more intensive to our guests,” said the Birkmann couple, who are responsible for the management of the Panorama Restaurant and Café on the Winterberg, about the use of the robot.

Of course, despite moving quietly, the PuduBot 2 attracts the attention of visitors in the restaurant. However, the astonishment and astonished looks quickly disappear when the service staff briefly explains how the robot is used. Because it is not intended to replace employees, but to support them. “When he has a little break, he delights our little visitors or occasionally brings out his best smile for a selfie,” smiles the managing director when asked how guests react to the PuduBot 2. «We are sure that we have found a good solution between traditional guest management and innovation. Nowadays we can no longer manage to digitalize certain processes in the catering industry, but it shouldn't get out of hand.

Technology and attractive jobs

Thomas Holenstein, CEO of Sebotics and supplier of the PuduBot 2 robot, also shares this view. By selling the robots, his goal is to support the catering and hotel industry and not to cut some jobs. “There is still a shortage of personnel in the industries. The work assignments are strict and long. If technology can be used to make jobs more attractive again, this is an excellent approach.”

The delivery robot PuduBot 2 has arrived in Winterberg and the whole team no longer wants to be without the new helper.


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