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Innovative service robots impressed at the HotelTalk in Hamburg

Service robot BellaBot with service team HotelTalk 2023

Innovative service robot impressed industry celebrities at HotelTalk 2023 in Hamburg

At this year's HotelTalk in Hotel the Fontenay Hamburg was the innovative place service robot BellaBot at the center of attention. The event brought together the leading minds of the hotel industry. The future of robotics and automation in the hotel industry was discussed extensively.


Service robot BellaBot with Team HotelTalk 2023

The HotelTalk has established itself over the years as a must-attend event for the hotel industry. Every year, this event attracts industry celebrities from all over the world to one location and brings them together. In addition to exciting discussions with experts from the industry and the get-together dinner, there was plenty of time for networking.

Service robots as the highlight of the event

A highlight of the evening was the impressive presence of the service robots, because they naturally stood out from the crowd. These digital helpers are revolutionizing the hotel industry by offering guests an experience while optimizing hotel operations and reducing the burden on employees.

The opportunity to experience the service robots up close and discuss their potential for the hotel industry received enthusiastic approval. The feedback from hoteliers was extremely positive. The hiring also underscored the industry's growing willingness to integrate this innovative technology.

Service robot BellaBot on the red carpet at HotelTalk 2023
Successful day in Hamburg

The HotelTalk at The Fontenay Hamburg was undoubtedly a groundbreaking event because it highlighted the central role of Sebotics service robots in the hotel industry.

The event offered  exciting discussions and an inspiring platform for networking and exploring the future possibilities in the field of robotics and automation in hotels.


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