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Workstation Scrubber 50

Workstation Scrubber 50

Charging station WS-01: Maximum endurance for your Scrubber 50

Charging station workstation scrubber 50

Designed to increase the performance of your robots, our charging stations are a must for the Scrubber 50. Thanks to this innovative technology, your robot automatically returns to the charging station when the battery is low, recharges itself and seamlessly continues its previous task when charging is complete. Extend the runtime of your robots and optimize their efficiency with the advanced charging station WS-01. Discover the future of robot technology now!

Charging station workstation scrubber 50

Compatible with the following robots

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Workstation WS-01

The WS-01 workstation is compatible with the Scrubber 50. This is designed to extend the operating time of the robots and minimize human intervention. By automatically docking to the workstation, the robot can independently charge electricity, refill water and discharge.

Order the docking station at the same time

If you order including the docking station, you will receive the full automation package.
Get in touch with us. We would be happy to advise you without obligation.

Charging station workstation scrubber 50


450 mm


355 mm


1390 mm

nominal voltage

85 264-V

Maximum output power

1000 W


30 kg


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