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Service robots: 5 reasons why

Sebotics team at the Doppio Gusto restaurant for the installation of the robot

Gastro staff gaps: 5 reasons for service robots

The last year and a half have been a challenge for the catering trade. Many employees switched to other corona-resistant industries. The gastronomy expert and entrepreneur Thomas Holenstein wants to counteract this shortage of staff with the use of service robots. He presents five reasons for using Service robots speak.

BellaBot service robot in the restaurant

1 Counteract the shortage of skilled workers

It may seem like a science fiction film - but many restaurants and hotels around the world are already using so-called service robots. What used to appear as an illusion is now reality. The international gastronomy industry is therefore meeting the problem of the ongoing shortage of skilled workers in an innovative and creative way. Robots have also been tested with great success in individual cities in the DACH region. Service robots can take over a lot of unpleasant work and thus save the employees a lot. Anyone who is severely affected by staff shortages should consider purchasing service robots.

2 Relief of personnel and routine tasks

In the catering industry, there are sometimes very unpopular routine jobs. In the worst case, as an employee you have to do the same monotonous movement all day long. Service robots relieve your staff of routine tasks. This allows employees to focus on more important tasks. An example: High-tech robots are able to carry up to four times more dishes than their human counterparts. While the robots transport the dishes and dishes, the waiters can concentrate on the guest. Customers and individual consultations are more in focus again. However, the robots should by no means replace people, but help out where bottlenecks arise.

In addition to relieving the current employees, one should not forget the cost savings through a robot. Even unskilled workers in the lower salary levels are becoming more and more expensive due to the rise in the minimum wage. The purchase of service robots is a one-off investment that can be amortized over years. It increases fixed assets and increases the value of the company. Although there are also monthly costs for service robots, these are manageable compared to employees. The elimination of shift or weekend bonuses also has a cost-reducing effect. There are also no holiday or Christmas bonuses for service robots. From the point of view of the workforce, there is another advantage: the tip represents a proportion of the monthly income of the workforce that should not be underestimated. The employees are certainly happy if the tip is distributed to fewer people.

3 Effectiveness and efficiency thanks to service robots

Several robot models have already been tested in the hotel industry. These work extremely effectively and efficiently. The activities of the service robots include, for example, greeting the guests. Also holding simple conversations or making explanations about each location on the ground floor is part of the functions. Robots in the area of ​​room shopping and service are also no longer a rarity. Robots provide guests with snacks, drinks and other service items. The robots are so efficient that they really drive hotel operations forward. New high-tech robots are currently being tested in the catering industry. These have strong skills and are ideal for increasing the hotel's sales.

The deployment planning for the employees in the catering trade takes up a lot of time. However, this is only valid for a short period of time if sick leave is received at short notice. In such cases, rapid replacement personnel are required. This gets on the nerves of those responsible. Especially on busy days. With service robots, these annoyances are a thing of the past. What's more, he doesn't make any vacation requests.

4 Positive guest experience is encouraged

In busy hotels, everything has to go according to plan. There is often no room left for small talk. That's a pity, but you don't blame the employees. After all, they often have to do many things at the same time. A service robot is a wonderful solution here: They welcome the new guests, can answer simple questions and engage in small talk with the newcomers.

In addition, service robots are such an unusual sight for many people that the experience alone is amusing. This positive guest experience leads to good ratings and a good image of your company.

5 Increase productivity with service robots

In addition to relieving employees, increasing effectiveness and efficiency and promoting a positive guest experience, robots also increase productivity. Service robots carry out their tasks safely and reliably. A follow-up check is not necessary. The staff can thus focus on their core tasks.

Several studies on the topic of robots in the working world have already been published. Mostly with the same result: robots can increase productivity by up to 50% or more. Modern technology also gives certainty that tasks are being carried out correctly. 

The high-tech robots are also characterized by their high level of user-friendliness. Their integration into the daily task plan is child's play. Robots give staff the time they need to complete tasks they cannot do themselves. This creates relief and increases team productivity significantly.

Conclusion of the gastro expert Thomas Holenstein

Thomas Holenstein is an experienced Swiss gastro expert. He owns the Precom Group AG, a full service marketing agency. He wants to advance digitization in the catering industry.

Whether online employee search, employer branding or the use of service robots - Thomas Holenstein offers innovative digital solutions for catering businesses.

Service robots solve many problems at the same time: lack of staff, overloading of employees, falling productivity and and and. In the future, hotels and restaurants will increasingly rely on this innovation. However, people should not be replaced in this trend – quite the opposite. By relieving the robots, service staff can better concentrate on their core tasks. In this way, service and guest experience are constantly being improved.

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